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Explore Poison, Grass And Bug Type Pokemon

The Poison, Grass and Bug-type Pokemon are three of many Pokemon types in the game. 

However, among the three one of the types is rather rare early on. 

The Grass-type Pokemon is quite weak against both poison and Bug-type Pokemon. But, in recent generations, the Grass-type Pokemon is getting various revisit with making them a hybrid Pokemon to help them circumvent the issues of going against both Poison and Bug-type Pokemon. 

This article discusses the Poison, Grass and Bug-type Pokemon.

What Is A Poison Type Pokemon? 

Poison type is one of the eighteen types that a Pokemon can be.

Furthermore, these types normally possess skills that can cripple a Pokemon. 

Poison types first debuted in the first generation of Pokemon.

In their debut in Generation 1 to Generation 5 poison-type Pokemon were immune to Poison-type skills.

However, from Generation 6 onwards, Poison-type Pokemons can get poisoned if the opponent player uses the “Corrosion” skill.  

Poison-type Pokemon are quite weak against Ground-type Pokemon and Psychic-type Pokemon.

But they shine the most when going up against Grass-type Pokemon and Fairy-type Pokemon. 

The Grass-type Pokemon debuted alongside many other Pokemon types in Generation 1.

However, the Fairy-Type Pokemon are a recent addition to the game. 

Furthermore, a lot of poison-type Pokemon are hybrid Pokemon because they will have a different type in the mix to help them become a bit stronger than a pure poison-type Pokemon.

However, the mix will mostly occur after their first evolution or in their final evolution.

muk is a poison type pokemon
Muk is one of the first poison-type Pokemon.
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What Is A Bug Type Pokemon? 

Bug type is one of the eighteen types that a Pokemon can be. Similar to the Poison type they are among the first few original types introduced into the game. 

From the name itself, we can assume that the bug-type Pokemon typically looks like an insect.

Furthermore, their evolution will also follow the life stages of an insect most of the time. 

Bug-type Pokemon are quite effective in dealing with Grass-type, Dark-type and Psychic-type Pokemon. 

Moreover, Bug-type generally have a higher base attack damage than other Pokemon.

Thus, players can leverage the high attack stat to their advantage.

However, Bug-type is quite weak against Fire-type, Flying-type and Rock-type Pokemon

Furthermore, Bug-type Pokemon are the first type of Pokemon that players will come across when they start their journey to become a Pokemon master in any generation. 

But later on, they are one of the strongest wild Pokemon that the players can meet in the game. 

butterfree is a poison type pokemon
Butterfree is one of the early poison-type Pokemon.

Explore The Grass Type Pokemon

Grass-type Pokemon is one of the eighteen types of Pokemon.

Similarly, it is also one of the starting types that players can choose from. 

Unlike the aforementioned types, finding a Grass-type Pokemon early on can be quite hard in the game. 

However, since the Grass-type is one of the starting types, you can obtain the starter Grass type of the Pokemon generation you are playing. 

Grass-type Pokemon typically possess various skills from different types, however, the most prominent types are Grass and Poison. 

Thus, if you are leveling a Grass-type Pokemon, you will always see a poison-type skill when they level up. 

Grass-type Pokemon inherently have a high special attack stat and an above-average attack stat as well. 

Accordingly, if you choose to level a Grass type, you must focus on the special attacks or mostly Grass-type moves for the Pokemon. 

The Grass type is weak against the Fire, Poison, Ice, Bug, and Flying types and strong against the Ground, Rock, and Water types. 

Furthermore, due to its many weaknesses, some players tend to lean towards other types when forming a team. 

But in recent generations, the Grass-type has become a hybrid Pokemon after evolution.

Correspondingly, it allows it to lower the number of Pokemon types it weak toward. 

torterra is a grass type pokemon
Torterra is a grass-type Pokemon.

The Bottom Line

The Pokemon world is quite vast; furthermore, various changes have been made to the game over the years. 

In the case of Pokemon types, we are bound to see more types later on down the road.

As of right now, the Pokemon types are still in a balance of sorts. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding the Poison, Bug and Grass-type Pokemon. 

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