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Exploring Dust Clouds And Players Theories In Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, the term Dust Clouds doesn’t appear to be part of the base game’s weather conditions.

Likewise, players are puzzled by its occurrence and are speculating if it’s linked to mods or a game bug.

In Lethal Company, Dust Clouds aren’t officially recognized as a weather condition, and players are uncertain about their nature. Some speculate it could be linked to mods, a game bug, or even an unfinished feature, but the true cause is not known.

Continue reading to learn more about the Dust Clouds and players’ theories about it in Lethal Company.

Dust Clouds In Lethal Company

Dust Clouds are not an official weather condition, as your scanner won’t pick them up at the terminal.

Some crews have seen them, while others haven’t so, encountering them seems random.

Further, some report reduced visibility, while others claim it’s just a cosmetic effect.

The player community is actively investigating Dust Clouds as the effects remain unclear.

They are sharing screenshots, and comparing experiences to piece together a collective understanding.

Even if you encounter Dust Clouds, it’s best to approach them with caution.

Dust Clouds displayed
Players sharing Dust Clouds displayed on their terminal.

They might be harmless wisps of space sand, or they could be a sign of something more sinister.

However, you can maintain extra caution around hazards and look for lurking enemies as compromised visibility might occur.

Similarly, navigation could also be tricky so, you should stick to landmarks and markers.

Furthermore, you can avoid tight spaces where the shifting sands could trap you.

Additionally, report your findings and share your experiences with other crews on forums and chat channels.

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Players Theories On Dust Clouds In Lethal Company

Players have been buzzing with curiosity and theories surrounding the mysterious appearance of Dust Clouds in the game.

While not officially recognized as a weather condition, several gamers have shared their experiences on online platforms.

So, here are some of the players’ theories:

1. Mod Interference

Some players speculate that Dust Clouds might be a result of mod installations.

However, this theory assumes that certain modifications might be influencing the weather or triggering unique events.

2. Bug Or Glitch

Another prevalent theory revolves around the possibility of Dust Clouds being a bug or glitch within the game.

Players are considering the idea that it could be an unintended consequence of the game’s code.

a cool weather
Players discussing that Dust Clouds would be cool weather on the Reddit platform.

However, it is likely to cause irregular weather patterns or conditions not originally designed by the developers.

3. Unfinished Or Scrapped Feature

A portion of the player community is entertaining the notion that Dust Clouds might be tied to an unfinished or scrapped feature.

Additionally, they speculate that developers could be testing new elements in the game.

These clouds might also be remnants of an experiment that accidentally made its way into players’ experiences.

4. Weather Desync Between Players

Likewise, some players have observed instances where weather conditions seem to desynchronize between players.

This theory suggests that Dust Clouds might be a result of this desynchronization.

Therefore, this leads to weather events that aren’t consistent across all players in a session.

The Bottom Line

Dust Clouds are not recognized as a standard weather condition, and users are sharing their thoughts in online discussions.

However, these theories are speculative, and the true nature of Dust Clouds in Lethal Company remains uncertain.

If you’re curious about this, engaging with the game’s community or checking official sources for updates can provide more insights.

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