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Pokemon Go Paranormal: Ghost In The Machine

Pokemon Go Paranormal Puzzle secret code has been cracked by the trainers in Rose Bowl Stadium.

Hence, an Encounter with Rotom is made possible, Rotom is a ghost-type Pokemon that was only available in-person event last year.

Ghost Pokémon are one of the hardest to find and deal massive damage to the right foe. Hence, it’s rarity.

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Pokemon Go: Paranormal Puzzle

Pokemon Go hosts an event every year based on different themes of the Pokemon. This year, they focused on Ghost-type Pokemon.

Moreover, this year’s event was hosted in Rose Bowl Stadium, Los Angeles with the tour name “Pokémon GO Tour: Sinnoh”

Pokemon GO Paranormal
Trainers in Rose Bowl Stadium had to crack the code to encounter Rotom.

The trainers based in Los Angeles had to decipher the code that unlocked encounters with Rotom.

Once, the trainers in The Rose Bowl Stadium deciphered the secret code, trainers worldwide could redeem it too.

However, no matter if you were present at the event in Los Angeles or not, you can still claim your bonus of loyalty.

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Ghost In The Machine Pokemon Go: How To Redeem Rotom?

Since the trainers in Rose Bowl Stadium already deciphered the code, trainers globally can redeem an encounter with Rotom.

Pro-tip: Rotom can transform into various forms that resemble household appliances.

Rotom is one of the most popular Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Follow the steps below to redeem an encounter with Rotom:

  1. Visit the Pokemon GO’s official redemption site
  2. Make sure to link your account to the game.
  3. The code to start Ghost in the Machine Time Research is “0HY0UF0UNDM3”. (Do not mistake the number 0 for the letter “O”)
  4. Enter your code and wait for confirmation that the correct items have been added to the game.

Note: Niantic, Inc. has removed the feature to redeem the code in-game on Android devices. There never was a feature for IOS.

Paranormal Pokemon: Ghost-Type Pokemon

Ghost-type Pokemon are extremely rare to find, it’s rarity being so rare is the reason that they deal massive damage.

However, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to catch them:

The easiest way to catch the ghost-type Pokemon is by playing the game at night.

Ghost type Pokemon
Despite their type of “ghost”, they still look friendly.

Ghost-type Pokemon tend to spawn between 8 PM and 8 AM in your local time, peaking at around 2 AM regardless of where you’re playing the game from.

Hence, simply playing the game at night or in the dark can help you find these Pokemon with ease and in mass.

Ghost In The Machine: Rewards And More

No Pokemon GO comes without rewards, no matter if you were present in the live event or not.

Pokemon GO paranormal event drop
Rotom is an Electric/Ghost-type Pokémon, you still have a lot to do before unlocking Rotom.

Once you claim the code, you will unlock the Ghost in The Machine quest.

You will still have to catch 30 Pokemon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region.

For this, you will receive 10 Rotom candies.

Furthermore, you will also have to collect 30 Rotom candies to unlock Rotom, 20 if you catch 30 Pokemons discovered in the Sinnoh region beforehand.

The rewards after completing the quest are:

  1. 479 Stardust
  2. 479 XP
  3. Encounter with Rotom.
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