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Navigating Up And Down With Puffy Lifts: Purple Coins Hunt

Up and Down with Puffy Lifts is a course where players must collect three purple coins and two Wonder Seeds.

However, collecting purple coins is not an easy part of the game; it is tricky.

Up and Down with Puffy Lifts Purple Coins are a collectible hidden throughout the course, and players must find all three of them to complete the course and earn a green checkmark.

Continue to learn more about Up and Down with Puffy Lifts Purple Coin and their location in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

What Is Up And Down With Puffy Lifts Purple Coins?

In Up and Down with Puffy Lifts, you must collect special items called the Purple Coins.

Since these coins are purple instead of the regular yellow ones, they are called Purple Coins.

To earn a green checkmark, you must gather all three Purple Coins.

They are typically located in difficult-to-reach areas or require players to solve puzzles, defeat enemies or fulfill the criteria.

For example, one of the Purple coins is located on a high ledge that can only be reached using a Wonder Flower to turn into a cloud.

up and down with puffy lifts
You must collect the Purple Coins in Up and Down with Puffy Lifts.
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Location Of Up And Down With Puffy Lifts Purple Coins 

Collecting all three Purple Coins in Up and Down with Puffy Lifts is necessary to earn a green checkmark.

Hence, the location of all three Purple Coins is mentioned below.

1. Purple Coin 1

When you start the course, the first Purple Coin is located on the ground after the initial jump.

It would be best to break the brick blocks to the coin’s left to collect it.

up n down with puffy lifts purple coin
Break the wall and grab the coin.

You can destroy the blocks blocking your way using a ground pound.

Moreover, you can also have the Mario Wonder power up or destroy the nearby Koopa using its shell.

Lower the pink cloud by standing on the platform below it, then jump to the cloud and collect the Purple coin.

2. Purple Coin 2

After collecting the first Purple Coin, you will come across a sizeable puffy lift and a yellow pipe that shoots spiky balls.

The main objective is to make the spiky ball roll off the left side of the lift.

Ground pound on the right side of the lift while jumping to avoid getting hit.

Then, wait until the lift sinks to the ground level to give the spiky ball access to the area of interest.

You can also step on the cloud to lower it so the spiked ball can reach its destination.

Once the spiked ball has rolled, the purple coin will appear, so jump and collect it.

3. Purple Coin 3

After completing a section with the Wonder Flower, fall to ground level.

Then, move a short distance to the right, where you will spot the third Purple Coin under a ledge.

Stand by a nearby puffy lift to make it sink, jump into the coin, and perform a wall jump to return to safety.

This way, you will be able to reach and collect the coin.

 purple coins super mario bros wonder
Gather all three Purple Coins to earn a green checkmark.

The Bottom Line

Purple Coins are valuable collectibles that unlock new characters, costumes, and rewards.

Use Wonder Flowers properly, as they can transfer Mario into a cloud, allowing him to reach high places or cross gaps.

Additionally, look for hidden blocks and platforms since they are often hidden in out-of-the-way places.

Therefore, players who want to complete the game 100% must find all the Purple Coins in each course.

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