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Discover Prophecy Of A Desecrated Citadel In WoW

The Season of Discovery in WoW introduces new Classes Runes, and Discovery Locations.  

Likewise, the Priest Class has a rune called Homunculi, where players can get the item Prophecy of a Desecrated Citadel.

Prophecy of a Desecrated Citadel is an item in World of Warcraft that belongs to the Priest Class and Homunculi Rune. Players can get this unique item from priests of different races by kneeling down to them. 

Please continue reading to learn more about the Prophecy of a Desecrated and its location in WoW.

What Is Prophecy Of A Desecrated Citadel?

Prophecy of a Desecrated Citadel is a level 10 item in the Priest Rune class in World of Warcraft.

The priest class is a class that can heal, damage, or support allies with the Runes. 

Players can obtain this item to discover the Homunculi Rune of the Priest class.

prophecy of a desecrated citadel
Prophecy of Desecrated Citadel is an item from the Priest class in WoW.

Further, players need to have two different meditation buffs active to get this item.

These meditation buffs can be obtained by kneeling down in the place of worship.

Additionally, different races drop this item, Desecrated Citadel, for the Alliance and Horde.

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Ways To Obtain Prophecy Of A Desecrated Citadel 

There are multiple ways to obtain the Prophecy of a Desecrated Citadel in WoW.

The easiest way to do this is to find a priest of a different faction with the buff. Then, players can share their buff with them.

Players can get the buff while kneeling down and praying to the priest.

Similarly, it is also possible to kneel down while moving around to find Chill of the Grave.

Then, find the priest of the opposite race who has a buff from earlier and kneel to them to get the buff.

Likewise, the priest also prays to you by kneeling. 

Different ways to obtain this item per race are given below:

  • Troll: Drops from Voodoo Troll near Zalazane in Durotar
  • Night Elf: Drops from Rascal Sprite Monsters near Dolanaar in Fel Rock Cave
  • Dwarf: Drops from Frostmane Seer and Frostmane Shadowcaster Monsters near Shimmer Ridge
  • Undead: Drops from Scarlet Warrior near Solliden Farmstead

Multiple races in WoW can drop the prophecy in different locations.

However, the most popular one is the Scarlet Warrior, who drops it around the Tirisfal Glades.

Players can obtain it from any of the races and later use it.

They can use the prophecy to learn a new spell, which is useful in the game.

Further, players can also use it to meditate on two spiritual mysteries of Azeroth.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the item can be obtained from any of the four races: Troll, Night Elf, Dwarf, or Undead during Priest Class.

The most common found is from the Scarlet Crusade, who drops it around Brill.

Further, obtaining the prophecy is very important to discover the Homunculi Rune.

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