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Who Are The Reagent Vendors In Ironforge In WoW?

There are different vendors in WoW that sell a variety of reagents, including herbs, minerals, and potions.

Ironforge is a popular location where players can find the reagent from two vendors.

Barim Jurgenstaad and Ginny Longberry are two Reagent vendors found in Ironforge. They sell different reagents which are essential for crafting items, such as potions, scrolls, and enhancements.

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Who Are Reagent Vendors in WoW?

Reagent vendors are the NPCs in WoW who sell multiple reagents and items.

The reagents are popular items that are essential to progress further and complete different quests.

Players require the reagents to cast specific spells or use some abilities at different levels.

Further, players can find the reagent in different locations with an icon in the minimap using the tracking system. 

Some of the items that Reagent vendors sell are:

  • Arcane Powder
  • Ashwood Seed
  • Corpse Dust
  • Wild Berries

Additionally, the reagent vendors are a valuable source for all the players to get the supplies.

Players can get different reagents from different vendors, which vary according to the item players need to craft.

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All The Reagent Vendors In Ironforge

Players can find two reagent vendors in the Ironforge who sell different items at different levels.

Further, the two reagent vendors in Ironforge are:

1. Barim Jurgenstaad

Barim Jurgenstaad is a level 30 Reagent Vendor in World Of Warcraft SOD.

Players can find him in the Commons area in the dwarf city near the drag strip of the Ironforge.

Further, he is the NPCs who sell multiple items at different levels.

2. Ginny Longberry

Ginny Longberry is also a level 30 NPC and Gnome Reagent Vendor, similar to Barim Jurgenstaad.

She is found at the Mystic Ward at the Ironforge and runs the Longberry’s Reagents.

Reagent Vender in Ironforge
Ginny Longberry is one of the Reagent Vendor in WoW.

Further, she can provide a diverse array of minerals and essences for casting spells.

Reagents In Ironforge

Players can find unique reagents in Ironforge from levels 20 to 60.

The only way to obtain these reagents is to get them from the Reagent Vendor in Ironforge.

Similarly, these vendors maintain a diverse selection of herbs, minerals, and potions for purchase.

Some popular reagents that players can get in Ironforge are:

  • Demonic Figurine
  • Wild Thornroot
  • Sacred Candle
  • Ironwood Seed
  • Symbol of Kings

Further, each of these reagents has a unique purpose and is found in different locations.

Reagent Vendor Locations in Ironforge
Players can find Reagent Vendors in these locations at Ironforge.

Players have to search in different locations of Ironforge to find these reagents.

Additionally, the popular locations are The Mystic Ward and The Commons.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, there are two reagent vendors in Ironforge from where players can purchase the reagents.

Further, reagents are essential for crafting potent potions, powerful gear, and inscribing magical scrolls.

These items can help players progress in the quests and level up in the game.

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