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Can You Put Chests On Camels In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox Roleplaying Game that features various mobs and building aspects to keep the player engaged with the game’s sandbox system. 

Players of Minecraft can obtain Camels through various means. The most efficient way is through the creative mode and spawning the Camel. However, players claim they cannot put a chest on a Camel’s back even though there is a slot to put a saddle on it.

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How To Obtain A Camel?

In Minecraft, Camels spawn in Desert Villages; however, they cannot spawn anywhere naturally.

If the player uses creative mode, they can spawn the Camels anywhere they want.

Furthermore, the players must venture out into the wild to find a desert biome first; these biomes develop in the hotter regions.

However, the players also need to find desert villages within these biomes.

Additionally, every desert biome may not spawn a Desert village. Thus, obtaining a Camel is a lot harder than players expect.

Camel Model In Game
You can obtain Camels in Minecraft.

Additionally, if you are in a brand-new world, the first desert village you find in the desert biome will have a Camel.

Furthermore, if the player is in an old world, they will not find a Camel in a desert village they have already discovered.

However, once you have found a Camel, all you need to do is go near it and put a saddle on its back. Once you put a saddle on the Camel’s back, you can ride it.

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Can You Put Chests On Camel?

According to players, putting chests on a Camel in Minecraft is impossible.

Sadly, the claim is not false, and it is indeed impossible to put a chest on a Camel.

Camel With A Saddle On Its Back
Camel with a Saddle on its Back

Furthermore, players also tried to put a chest in the saddle slot, and they found that the chest does not register in the slot at all.

Thus, the players cannot equip Camels with chests in Minecraft.

How To Tame A Camel In Minecraft?

Once you find a Camel in the desert village, you can feed cactus blocks to the Camel to tame it.

Additionally, after you tame the Camel, you can sit on them and ride them, however, you cannot choose which direction to go.

But, if you put a saddle on the Camel, you can control the direction the Camel goes.

Additionally, two players can simultaneously ride the Camel on a single saddle.

However, the Camels are not as quick as horses in the game; they have a special skill that allows them to dash forward.

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The Bottom Line

Obtaining a Camel is a hassle unless you use the creative mode to spawn Camels. However, once you obtain them, the dash skill is quite handy. 

But, players want to use Camels to carry chests, which they cannot. This is more disappointing to the players rather than upsetting. 

Hopefully, this article helps you understand how to obtain and use Camels. 

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