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What Are Vanilla Tweaks 1.20 Update?

Mojang Studios developed Minecraft, a sandbox game that features resource management, building, and even RPG elements.

Players of Minecraft are updating their servers to the new 1.20 version.

The modding community is updating its resource packs to the new version, and one of them is the Vanilla Tweaks community. The modding community has recently released their Vanilla Tweaks Mod pack 1.20. 

Continue reading to discover what’s new in these packs and how to use Vanilla Tweaks in your game.

What Are Vanilla Tweaks 1.20 Update?

Vanilla Tweaks is a mod specifically catering to the Vanilla version of Minecraft. The mod improves the quality of the Vanilla version of Minecraft.

However, unlike other modding resources, Vanilla Tweaks does not bring forth too many changes.

But, the mod brings various great crafting resources and a Data pack for the players to use.

Additionally, the team Vanilla Tweaks states on their website, “The changes are subtle and are only to improve the overall quality of the game for the player base.”

Vanilla Tweaks 1.20 is the new version of the Vanilla Tweaks update. The update is a mod for the new Base Minecraft, Minecraft 1.20 update.

Moreover, players can choose the mod they want from their website at

What Are The Mods In Vanilla Tweaks 1.20?

In Vanilla Tweaks, players can choose from three different mods, Resource Packs, Data Packs and Crafting Tweaks.

Moreover, each Mod pack brings in a wide array of subtle changes. Here are a few changes they bring;

1. Resource Packs

Resource packs change the overall feel of the game. Furthermore, the resource pack adds various environmental changes and sounds.

It even changes the GUI and HUDs of the game, and the resource pack integrates the classic feel of Minecraft before its numerous updates.

Furthermore, the resource pack also fixes a few inconsistencies within the game.

2. Data Packs

Data packs contain a multitude of upgrades.

The data pack contains all the crafting recipes and various pings to inform the players about the durability of the equipment and AFK pings.

Furthermore, the data pack also provides the players with various other Quality of life equipment to use.

3. Crafting Pack

The crafting pack specifically caters to players who are enthusiasts of crafting. The pack contains all the crafting recipes.

Furthermore, the pack also allows players to craft mounts, name tags, trapdoors, and even full blocks from already crafted stairs and walls.

How To Install Vanilla Tweaks 1.20?

The Installation process for the Vanilla Tweaks Mods is very simple.

The Mod team has also provided a step-by-step guide to installing the Mods.

However, here we will be going through the basics of installing the Mods;

1. Resource Pack

Follow the steps outlined below to install the resource pack;

  1. In the main menu, Click on Options.
Click on options from the menu
Navigate on options from the menu.
  1. In the Options Screen, click on Resource Packs.
click on resource pack from the option screen
Click on the resource pack from the options screen.
  1. Click on the Open Resource pack Folder from the Resource Packs options screen.
Click on Open Resource Pack Folder
Tap on the Open Resource Pack Folder
  1. Drag and Drop the “Vanilla Tweaks” zip file into the folder.
download the Vanilla tweaks
Download the Vanilla Tweaks 1.20.
  1. Once in the folder, the Resource packs option should show the Vanilla Tweaks Resource pack.

2. Crafting Pack And Data Pack

Follow the steps outlined below to create a Craft pack and Data pack.

  1. In the Main Menu, click on “Single Player.”
Click on Single Player from the menu
Tap on Single Player from the menu.
  1. Choose the world where you want to install Data pack and the Crafting pack, and click on Edit.
Install Data Pack and Crafting Pack and click on Edit.
Install Data pack and Crafting pack and click on Edit.
  1. Choose Open World Folder and the “Data packs” folder in the settings.
Open World Folder
Open World Folder and edit Data packs.
  1. Move the downloaded file to that folder.
Move the downloaded folder
Move the downloaded folder.
  1. Now you have installed both the crafting pack and the data pack.
  2. You may need to run “/reload” in your world in case your world is already open.

The Bottom Line

The Vanilla Tweaks is a very subtle improvement to the base Minecraft game.

The changes make crafting and various notifications much more noticeable for the players.

Hopefully, this article can help you understand what Vanilla Tweaks 1.20 is and how to use it.

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