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How To Find Tillers Rest Chest Code In Remnant 2?

In the realm of Remnant 2, one of the attention-catching features is the hidden chests.

Players can find them in different locations, and they contain various amusing loot.

Players can find a specific hidden chest located in the Tillers Rest area. However, players must insert a random four-digit code to open the Tiller Rest chest. This Code can be obtained by searching around the area.

Read more about Hidden Chest and where to find the Tillers Rest Chest Code.

Where To Find The Tiller Rest Chest?

Tillers Rest is the location in Remnant 2 in which each location features a unique map, chest dungeon, and monsters.

Furthermore, Tillers Rest is located at Darn Settlement Underground which is a little tricky to find.

However, we will provide the location of the Tillers Rest Chest.

Players must navigate underground and find a hidden path in a particular corner of the map.

Loction of chest in map
Location of the hidden room, which contains the tiller Rest Chest.

However, the room containing the Chest does not appear on the map until you are inside it.

How To Find The Tillers Rest Chest In Remnant 2?

Once you enter the hidden room, you will find the Tillers Rest Chest in the middle.

However, you will need a four-digit code to open it.

Here are a few steps to find the Tillers Rest Chest code.

  1. Upon entering the room, you notice that the entire room wall is filled with the four-digit number.
  2. You can use your flashlight to shine a light on those scribbled numbers.
How To Find Tillers Rest Chest Code In Remnent 2
Someone scattered the random number all over inside that hidden room.
  1. After that, you will get the number with the yellowish glow if you shine the light with a Flashlight.
  2. Then, you can find all four numbers with their digits flashing yellow.

Finally, after opening the Chest, you will get the reward called Rusted Heirloom.

Note: You have to place the number in the lock serially as the way you found the number. Otherwise, they will not be able to open the Chest.

Tillers Rest Chest Codes In Remnant 2

Players will find the Chest in Remnant 2 across different locations.

Like Tillers Rest Chest, other Chests will also be locked and need the Code to unlock them.

Players can find this Code around the Chest or locate it on items.

Here is a list that shows you the Chest Code and how to find them.

ChestChest LocationChest CodeReward
Founder Force's ChestWard 130415MP60-R handgun
Doctor's ChestMorrow Sanatorium2971Double Barrel handgun
Harvester's ChestHarvester’s ReachSome combination of 8-5-3-1.Rusted Heirloom ring

Benefits Of The Hidden Chest

Here are some benefits that come with Hidden Chest.

  • Chests often contain rare and unique items not obtainable through other means.
  • Players get the Rusted Heirloom as they open the Chest of Triller and a double barrel handgun if they open the Morrow Sanatorium Chest.
  • Encourage the players to explore the game world and enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • The hidden Chest may hold valuable resources, like scraps that players can use to upgrade their weapons or improve their Gears.
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The Bottom Line

The Chest is a powerful and intriguing feature that helps the user to ease the grinding process.

Players need lots of gameplay hours to find the hidden chests.

However, the players must focus on grinding another aspect of the game, such as completing the storyline and Dungeons.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand the hidden Chest in Remnant and their locations.

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