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Is There Any Issue With Raven Team Leader Rock Emote?

In Fortnite, players can perform the rock emote with the Raven Team Leader skin.

The skin is a new skin for the OG season pass, thus, players can purchase it quite easily in the game.

The Raven Team Leader rock emote causes the skin to show some of its inappropriate parts to the players. This is causing quite the uproar in the community, with players commenting about the norms and how the developers are not following them.

This article discusses the raven team leader rock emote in Fortnite.

What Is The Raven Team Leader Skin In Fortnite?

Raven team leader skin is one of the skins that players can buy from the shop.

Furthermore, this is a new skin of the Nevermore Hearts Pack. Thus, most of the players are loving the skin quite a bit.

The pack contains two types of skins, the Raven team leader skin and the Cuddly skin.

Both skins look the same, however, the cuddly skin is on a pink variant while the raven team leader is in a mix of purple and black.

Players who prefer the more edgy and dark skin can simply equip the raven team leader skin.

Cuddly can rock emote
Cuddly variation of the Nevermore Hearts pack.

While the players who prefer a more soothing and fuzzy skin can equip the cuddly skin.

Furthermore, players will see this skin in the OG pass, thus, players can give it a look before deciding to purchase it.

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Issue With The Raven Team Leader Rock Emote In Fortnite

Yes! There is a funny and inappropriate issue with the rock emote while using the Raven Team Leader skin in Fortnite.

However, the rock emote has no significant issues as it is not part of the Battle Pass.

The rock emote is one of the emotes the players can obtain and have the character float.

The rock emote makes the Raven team leader sit on a rock and float seductively. 

Moreover, players can also use the rock emote with the Cuddly Skin. Thus, this emote is gathering a lot of interest from the players.

raven team leader skin can rock emote
The raven team leader skin comes in two variations.

Interestingly enough, some players are against this emote as well.

They post about the emote being inappropriate and causing an uproar in public forums.

However, some players take it relatively lightly and make remarks such as ignoring the emote or not interacting with the players.

But, considering the norms, it would be better for the developers to pull this emote out of the shop.

However, due to players purchasing the emote and the company gaining a significant cash inflow, the emote is not leaving the shop for a while.

Furthermore, with the new season, there is a rotating shop, thus, players can expect the Raven team leader skin to leave the shop after a certain time.

Thus, there will not be any issue later on with the skin and the emote.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, developers tend to make certain cosmetics a bit too provocative.

However, when such skins do get released and the community riots against them, the developers will pull them out of the shop.

Thus, if players find the emote and the skin inappropriate, they can contact the developers and let them know about the issue.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding the uproar caused by the Raven Team Leader Rock Emote.

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