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Ready Or Not High Ready After Update 1.0

With the new 1.0 update in Ready or Not, players can now toggle between the two mods low and high ready.

These modifications enable players to try out various stances of weapons.

In Ready or Not, high ready is a position where players can raise their weapons slightly higher, allowing them to aim faster and be more prepared for combat. 

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What Is High Ready In Ready Or Not?

High Ready is a mod in the game that changes the low pose of the weapons to a high-ready pose.

This means that the weapons are held closer to the chest and the muzzle is pointed upwards instead of downwards.

Further, many players prefer this mod for aesthetic or tactical reasons.

high ready in Ready or not
Players holding the weapon in the higher stance.

It gives players more control over the weapon and reduces the risk of flagging friendly targets.

However, this mod in the game doesn’t apply to all the weapons if it conflicts with other mods.

Players can download this mod in the game from the Nexus Mods website.

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Advantages Of High Ready In Ready Or Not

High Ready has various benefits for the players when they apply it to their weapons in this game. 

Some of the major advantages are:

1. Useful For Heavier Weapons

This mod is useful for heavier weapons such as the M249 SAW and M240B.

Further, in this position, the weapon naturally falls into position as the shooter drops to the prone while deploying the bipod. 

2. Enhances Gameplay

It enhances gameplay as the high mod stance indicates readiness and alertness in the tactical situation.

Likewise, players can equip this in a potential threat situation like stairwells, upper story windows, and high walls.

3. Faster Weapon Raise

It is quicker to raise and aim the weapon for target acquisition and better for close counter situations.

Further, you can bring up your weapon to an aiming position better with a Higher mod than the Low.

4. Better Cover

It provides better cover for the head and lower body as the weapon is held slightly higher.

Additionally, it helps to tackle more enemies and deal higher damage to them.

High Ready Mod In Ready Or Not Update 1.0

The mod is compatible with the latest update of the game that released on December 15, 2023.

Further, there is a new option to set the mod in the game by toggling.

However, to use this mod, you need to install the mod file from the Nexus Mods and extract it to the game folder.

Players can toggle between low and high mod by pressing the Home key.

Also, switching to a lower mod allows players to lower their weapons and walk faster while avoiding friendly fire.

Likewise, players can also change the keybindings for this action in the game settings.

The Bottom Line

High Ready is a stance that allows the players to aim their weapons at a high angle.

Players can play in this mod for better coverage, to enhance the gameplay, or for close counter situations.

Further, after the new update it has become easier to switch mods from low to high as per the requirement.

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