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BG3 Hotfix 20: New Patch With Several Bug Fixes

Baldur’s Gate (BG3) has released its latest hotfix to resolve many underlying issues in the game.

Similarly, Baldur’s Gate officially released its reports regarding the hotfix being live in communities.

With this hotfix 20, the game is packed with improvements, bug fixes, and several optimizations.

Continue reading to learn more about the Hotfix 20 in Baldur’s Gate (BG3).

Baldur’s Gate (BG3): Release Of Hotfix 20

Baldur’s Gate officials have made a statement regarding the launch of Hotfix #20 through several community forums.

The officials have declared that the hotfix is live and accessible for all players around the globe.

The Hotfix was officially released on February 29, 2024, and was exclusively designed to resolve the issues.

BG3 Hotfix 20
Players can now download the BG3 Hotfix 20 by visiting its official website.

There are several changes that players can witness in this latest Hotfix 20 of BG3.

Here is a detailed explanation of all the fixes that are incorporated in this hotfix:

1. Addressing Character Behaviour Issues

One of the standout fixes in Hotfix 20 is the resolution of the bug related to Minthara.

Many players have to go through the phase where Minthara sometimes stops following the party in Acts II and III.

Likewise, this hotfix has resolved this issue, ensuring that Minthara now stays in line with the party.

During this period, she still retains her distinct free-spirited nature.

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2. Rejoice For Mac Players

With this latest introduction of Hotfix #20, BG3 has fully released Patch 6 for Mac players.

The Hotfix 20 has even introduced several hotfixes for the Mac platform as well.

Thus, Mac players can now enjoy the game without any lingering issues.

3. Combat And Other Gameplay Enhancements

Hotfix 20 not only focuses on Minthara’s behavior but also resolves other conduct as well.

Similarly, Hotfix 20 has fixed other gameplay-related uses to ensure a seamless experience for players.

The hotfix has improved combat progression blockers and addressed bugs that hindered container interaction during trading.

BG3: List Of All The Fixes In Hotfix 20 

The BG3 officials have claimed they have fixed most of the underlying issues, fixing several bugs and blockers.

BG3 Hotfix 20
BG3 has released Hotfix 20, where it has fixed several underlying bugs and issues in the game.

Besides the major fixes, here is a list of all the fixes in Hotfix 20.

  1. The fix has introduced a few crash safeguards to send you to the Main Menu if savegame fails to load.
  2. Issues related to the second player on the split screen facing a black screen for 30 seconds,
  3. The bug is preventing players from opening the containers.
  4. A bug that has been blocking combat from progressing.
  5. Bug where players would get stuck in combat if there were some bats after they defeated Cazador.
  6. Issues with Minthara as she sometimes does not follow the party in Act II or Act III.
  7. Bug related to Halsin as he won’t move his position at Last Light in Act II.
  8. Issue with Minthara as she leaves the party in Moonrise Towers.
  9. Characters tell you they were too busy to talk to you when you tried to speak to them.
  10. Missing tab textures in the Trade UI.
  11. Potential crash when preloading complex cinematics.
  12. A bug caused the crime dialogue for trespassing to get spammed beside the Steel Watch Foundry.
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