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A Guide To Thumb Mouse Button 2 In Ready Or Not

Ready or Not is a realistic tactical shooter that lets you play as a SWAT team member.

You have to deal with various scenarios, such as hostage rescue, bomb defusal, and drug busts, using your skills and equipment.

One of the most important tools in your arsenal in Ready or Not is the Thumb Mouse Button 2, or TMB 2 for short. This button lets you activate different weapon attachments, such as flashlights, laser sights, and underbarrel launchers.

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What Is TMB 2 In Ready Or Not?

TMB 2 is a keybind that stands for Thumb Mouse Button 2, located on the side of your mouse, near your thumb.

Depending on your mouse model, you may have one or more thumb buttons.

For example, the Logitech G502 has three thumb buttons: G4, G5, and G6.

Logitech G502
Thumb Mouse Button 2 in Logitech G502.

TMB 2 is usually mapped to G5 by default, but you can change it in the game settings.

Similarly, TMB 2 is used to toggle the attachments on your weapons.

For instance, if you have a flashlight attached to your gun, you can press TMB 2 to turn it on or off.

Similarly, if you have a laser sight, you can press TMB 2 to switch it on or off.

Some weapons also have under-barrel attachments, such as grenade launchers, shotguns, or tasers.

You can use TMB 2 to fire these attachments, as long as you select the right ammo type.

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How To Use TMB 2 In Ready Or Not?

To use TMB 2 in Ready or Not, you need to have a weapon with an attachment that can be activated by TMB 2.

You can customize your loadout before each mission, and choose from a variety of weapons and attachments.

During the mission, you can also pick up weapons and attachments from enemies or allies.

To use TMB 2, you simply press the thumb button on your mouse that corresponds to TMB 2.

This will either turn on or off the attachment or fire the underbarrel attachment.

You can also hold TMB 2 to keep the attachment on or off, or to fire the underbarrel attachment continuously.

For example, if you have a flashlight, you can hold TMB 2 to keep it on and release it to turn it off.

Use Thumb Mouse Button 2 for a flashlight.

If you have a grenade launcher, you can hold TMB 2 to fire grenades, and release it to stop.

You can also change the keybind for TMB 2 in the game settings.

Likewise, you need to pause the game and go to the options menu to do this.

Then, select the controls tab, and scroll down to the weapon section.

Similarly, you will see a list of keybindings for different actions, such as fire, aim, reload, and so on.

Likewise, you will also see a keybind for TMB 2, which is usually set to Mouse 5 by default.

Furthermore, you can click on this keybind and press any other key or mouse button to change it.

For example, you can change it to Mouse 4, or a keyboard key, such as F or G.

Why Is TMB 2 Useful In Ready Or Not?

TMB 2 is useful in Ready or Not because it allows you to quickly and easily access the attachments on your weapons.

These attachments can give you an edge in combat, or help you complete your objectives.

For example, a flashlight can help you see in dark areas, and identify hostiles from hostages.

A laser sight can improve your accuracy and intimidate your enemies.

An under-barrel attachment can provide extra firepower or non-lethal options.

TMB 2 is especially useful when you are playing solo or leading a team of AI-controlled allies.

In these modes, you have to rely on your skills and equipment, and you may not have backup or support from other players.

TMB 2 can help you adapt to different situations, and use your weapons more effectively.

The Bottom Line

Thumb Mouse Button 2 is a keybind that lets you activate the attachments on your weapons in Ready or Not.

It is usually mapped to the thumb button on your mouse, but you can change it in the game settings.

Moreover, it is a handy tool that can enhance your gameplay experience, and make you a better SWAT operator.

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