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Completing Neon Tomb In Ready Or Not: Basic Guide

Neon Tomb in Ready or Not refers to a playable mission in the game where players have to rescue hostages.

Neon Tomb is known for its vibrant neon lights, intricate design, and challenging obstacles.

To complete Neon Tomb in Ready or Not, a combination of strategic thinking, effective communication, and solid teamwork is required with a good understanding of the mission’s objective.

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What Is Neon Tomb In Ready Or Not?

Neon Tomb is the name of a place known as Neon Nightclub where players are to defeat the terrorists and rescue hostages.

Terrorist groups created a mass shooting in Neon Night Club in response to US airstrikes targeting their shelters in Northern Yemen.

Hence, the neon tomb is the mission where you need to complete the following objective.

  1. Arrest or neutralize any contact at the scene.
  2. Detain any unarmed contacts at the scene.
Neon Tomb
This it the Neon Nightclub where Neon Tomb lies.
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Where To Find Neon Tomb In Ready Or Not?

All players can access the Neon Tomb mission by navigating to the Campaigns option in the menu.

Once, you are in the mission section look for a campaign that is named Neon Nightclub.

This map may be a reference to or based upon the shooting that occurred at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The Exact location of the Neon Tomb in Ready Or Not is 215 W Washington St. Downtown Los Suenos.

Neon Tomb Mission
A featuring image of players playing Neon Tomb missions in Ready or Not.

Ways To Complete Neon Tomb In Ready Or Not

Complete the mission in Ready or Not by applying your skills, utilizing your abilities, working as a team, and implementing strategies.

As a result, make sure to team up with your friends for a good experience and communication to complete the mission.

You can use the following ways to complete Neon Tomb in Ready Or Not.

1. Enter The Night Club

Give a signal or command to your allies to clear the entrance and enter the nightclub straight in the hallway.

Hence, make sure to be prepared as the terrorists can be hiding anywhere.

This is the entrance to the nightclub.

2. Secure First Civilian

After entering the club, go straight and take a right towards the bar where you will find a hostage.

Therefore, handcuff the hostage according to the procedure and make sure that she is safe.

First Hostage
This is the area where you will find your first civilian in the mission.

3. Securing Second Civilian

After securing the first civilian move ahead towards the security room which says staff only.

There you will find a second Civilian who is a security guard at the nightclub.

Second Hostage
This is where you will find a second civilian.

4. Encounter Your First Terrorist

After you go outside of the security room from the second door, there would be a terrorist hiding behind the door in front of you.

So, make sure your gun is loaded and shoot as soon as the gate is opened by your team.

Encounter Of Terrorist
This is tha area where you will find your first terrorist of the mission.

5. Hunt Down All The Terrorist

In the main hall of the nightclub, this is the most targeted area where you will encounter a group of terrorists at once.

Hence, make sure to command your team to cover you up and approach the targets wisely.

main area of Neon Tomb Mission
This is the main area of Neon Tomb where you will encounter a group of terrorists.

6. Secure All The Hostages

Ensure you secure all the hostages on your way towards the hall and further.

It is likely that some terrorists may harm them. So, save them all from the terrorists to complete the Neon Tomb Mission.

The Bottom Line

Completing this mission in Ready or Not is no small feat as it requires high skill and experience.

With a clear understanding of your objective and strategic gameplay, you can overcome the challenges that lie within.

So, gear up, dive into the world of Ready or Not, and create the glory of success by completing Neon Tomb.

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