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Ready Or Not NVGs Vs GPNVGs: Which Is Better?

In Ready or Not, players require some gears that help them see better in low-light environments such as NVGs and GPNVGs.

Players are curious to know if NVGs and GPNVGs are the same or if there is some difference between the two.

In Ready or Not, NVGs Vs. GPNVGs are the headgear that helps players to see in the dark by amplifying the available environment light. They have similar functionalities in the game but differ in external cosmetics.

Continue reading to learn more about NVGs and GPNVGs in Ready or Not and which one to choose.

NVGS In Ready Or Not: An Overview

Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) are the default night vision devices used by the SWAT team.

It allows players to see in the dark by amplifying the available light through two eyepieces.

Each eyepiece contains one image intensifier tube, providing a narrower field of view.

Further, players can equip the NVGs as headgear in their loadout.

However, they have some drawbacks such as reducing your field of view and making you more visible to enemies.

Furthermore, it prevents you from wearing other headgear such as a gas mask or ballistic face mask.

The NVGs always available mod is compatible with the new 1.0 update in Ready or Not.

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GPNVGs In Ready Or Not: An Overview

Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles (GPNVGs) is a type of quad-tube NVGs.

It offers a wider field of view than the standard dual-tube NVGs.

Similar to the NVGs, players can equip this headgear in their loadout with the same functionality as NVGs.

gpnvgs in Ready or not
GPNVGs have four eyepieces with a wider view.

Players can use the GPNVGs mod to replace the NVGs mod for a better view.

The GPNVGs come in two variations in the mod:

  • Standard: It is a tan GPNVG with a Black mount and NVG battery pack.
  • Black: Black GPNVG, Wilcox mount, and NVG battery pack.

NVGs Vs. GPNVGs In Ready Or Not: All The Differences

In Ready or Not, NVGs and GPNVGs have a few differences which are listed below:

1. External Aesthetics

In Ready or Not, NVGs and GPNVGs mainly differ in external aesthetics and cosmetics.

They have different appearances and colors that differentiate them in the game.

However, they both function the same way allowing players to see in the dark.

2. Number Of Tubes

Further, another difference between GPNVGs and NVGs is the number of tubes they use.

NVGs are dual-tube goggles, which means they have two intensifier tubes that amplify the light and project it onto two eyepieces.

Whereas, GPNVGs are quad-tube night vision goggles with four intensifier tubes covering a wider field of view.

Further, it projects it onto four eyepieces available in the night vision goggles.

3. Phosphor Color 

Another difference between the two is the color of the night vision.

phosphor light in Ready or Not
Players see a white tint when they equip GPNVGs.

NVGs usually have a green phosphor color that gives the images a green hue, which is easier for human eyes to perceive.

Further, GPNVGs have a white color filter that offers better contrast and clarity in some situations.

Which Headgear To Equip In Ready Or Not?

Both GPNVGs and NVGs have their advantages and disadvantages for close-quarters combat.

Moreover, they function in a similar way in the game and players can choose any one according to their play style.

Further, some players prefer the GPNVGs over the NVGs because they look more realistic and tactical.

However, the choice of GPNVGs or NPGs in Ready or Not doesn’t seem to change the gameplay drastically.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, in Ready or Not, both NPGs and GPNVGs serve the same purpose, helping players see in low-light conditions.

GPNVGs, as quad tubes, provide a larger FOV compared to dual-tube NVGs in the game.

Players can equip any one of the headgear to explore the dark according to their preference.

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