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Top 5 Reddit Is Fun Alternatives

Are you saddened by the discontinuation of the popular ‘Reddit is Fun’ app? Do not worry yet because a few alternatives are equally great!

Some excellent Reddit is Fun alternatives include RedReader, Hubski, Narwhal for Reddit, Boost for Reddit, and Relay for Reddit, which are equally reliable and engaging.

Please continue reading to explore Reddit is Fun alternatives and how they fare against the original app.

What Is Reddit Is Fun?

Maybe you heard about Reddit killing third-party apps by launching a new paid API and imposing restrictions.

Well, it is true. The intense costs of acquiring the API and new impositions, such as third-party Reddit apps cannot run ads and display explicit (NSFW) content, are killing many third-party apps.

RIF is Fun is Unavailable
Reddit is Fun is no different. It was announced that the third-party application would be shut down on June 30, 2023.

RIF or Reddit is Fun, was designed to access Reddit feed and featured-rich browsing on Android devices.

With 5 million users accessing the app, it became quite a sensation along with similar apps.

According to the makers, they closed down the app in response to Reddit Inc’s API changes and their cruel treatment of developers.

Nonetheless, RIF offered some excellent features in their app, which the users will miss.

Features Of Reddit Is Fun

Here are a few features that made Reddit is Fun an exceptional app.

  1. Browsing And Viewing: You can explore different subreddits, posts, and links and view images and videos within the app.
  2. Account Management: Use your Reddit credential to access your subscribed subreddits and interact with posts by upvoting, downvoting, and commenting.
  3. Notifications: It notifies you about new messages, replies, and mentions, keeping you updated on your Reddit activity.
  4. Customization: Personalize your browsing experience by adjusting font size, theme, and layout options.
  5. Offline Mode: Save posts for offline viewing and accessing content with an active internet connection.
  6. Multi-Account Support: If you have multiple Reddit accounts, the app allows you to switch between them easily.

Top 5 Reddit Fun Alternatives In 2023

Did you know Reddit is Fun had 5 million downloads on Google Play Store?

Finding an alternative that can replace Reddit is Fun may be challenging, but it does not mean you should not give them a try.

Here are a few excellent alternatives for you to take a peek at.

1. RedReader

RedReader is an excellent alternative to RIF, a free and open-source Android app for Reddit.

It is designed to give Reddit users a lightweight and ad-free browsing experience. The app only weighs 6 MB.

RedReader alternative
RedReader is similar to RIF regarding features, style, and functions.

It offers a range of features and functionalities to enhance browsing and interaction with Reddit content.

  • Swipe posts and comments to perform upvote/downvote, or save/hide.
  • Automatically stores past versions of posts and comments for quick browsing.
  • Provides multiple accounts support.
  • Enables filtering posts and comments based on keywords or specific users.
  • Sort content by hot, new, top, controversial, and other criteria.
  • Two-column tablet mode is available for tablet users.
  • Image precaching, built-in image viewer, and GIF player.
  • Additional support for Imgur albums and GIFv files.
  • Offers translations for some languages.
  • Free and Open Source available to developers for tweaking

Therefore, RedReader does not come short of what RIF has offered. In fact, RedReader offers a few more features.

GooglePlay already shows 100K+ downloads with an overall 4.4 stars, so why not try?

2. Hubski

Hubski is another reliable alternative to RIF, but it is not an entirely Reddit third-party app.

Instead, Hubski is a social networking, news aggregation, and discussion platform designed to foster engaging conversations.

Therefore, you can say that Hubski is a unique app with specialized features, including browsing Reddit content.

Hubski alternative to RIF
Hubski is unlike RIF because it is a social news aggregator and forum.
  • Hubski is mainly known for aggregating content from social media sites, including articles, blogs, and videos.
  • It offers users personalized feeds with tailored tags to track specific content.
  • It emphasizes user privacy and control over their data, unlike RIF.
  • The user interface of Hubski is more streamlined and simplified than Reddit is Fun, focusing on the content and discussions.

However, it has a massive shortcoming. Hubski does not have a dedicated app for Android like Reddit is Fun.

Instead, you will browse the contents using the Hubski website.

3. Boost For Reddit

Boost for Reddit is a third-party Android app similar to RIF and one of the best alternatives, known for its clean interface, smooth performance, and vast customization options.

It was first released on the Google Play Store in 2016. Since then, it has amassed a whopping one million+ users on Android.

Interestingly, users can log in using their Reddit accounts, access their subscribed subreddits, and engage with posts and comments.

Reddit is fun alternative
Boost for Reddit offers a cleaner and user-friendly interface.

It shares many similarities with third-party Reddit clients for Android.

  • Boost for Reddit offers a clean and visually appealing interface with various view options, including card, list, and compact views.
  • It supports different color themes and allows users to customize the appearance to their preferences.
  • Personalize the fonts, colors, layout, and advanced settings like post and content filters.
  • It also offers multi-account support, enabling users to switch between multiple Reddit accounts seamlessly.
  • The in-app media viewer allows viewing images, videos, GIFs, and other media content without leaving the app.
  • The offline mode allows users to save posts, comments, and media for later viewing.

4. Relay For Reddit

Relay for Reddit is similar to Boost for Reddit app, but the latter boasts more features.

On the other hand, Relay for Reddit boasts a cleaner and simpler interface without incessant sponsored posts popping up.

Created by a developer named DBrady, it was launched in Google Play Store in 2013. Since then, it has amassed hundreds of thousands of users.

Relay for Reddit
Relay for Reddit is moving to a subscription-based model and will only be accessible to paid users.

Here are a few reasons you should stick with Relay for Reddit.

  • It supports multireddits, allowing users to combine multiple subreddits into a single feed.
  • The intuitive interface is inspired by Material Design.
  • Links and comments load simultaneously using a simple swipe.
  • Provides inline previewing of pictures, YouTube, Gifs, and html5 videos.
  • Navigate through comments like collapsing comment threads, the jump-to-parent comment feature, and inline comment previews.
  • Provides a selection of themes and night/day mode.
  • Option to reply straight from your Inbox.
  • Option to filter out disliked subreddits.
  • Hi-resolution thumbnailsFull friends & search functionality.
  • It makes Rageface and MLP emoticons available.

As RIF is going way, if you do not mind paying a small fee, Relay for Reddit will become a reliable alternative.

5. Narwhal For Reddit

Narwhal for Reddit is probably the only third-party Reddit app available on iOS.

Like many third-party Android Reddit apps, it offers a range of features, a clean interface, and a user-friendly experience.

It was developed by Rick Harrison and Jace Varlet and released on the App Store in 2014.

Since then, it has gained a dedicated user base and has undergone significant improvements.

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for Narwhal for Reddit.

  • It offers a clean, visually appealing interface with customizable themes and font sizes.
  • Access any or all subreddits and links and their comments simultaneously.
  • Allows voting on posts and comments through a simple swipe.
  • The in-app media viewer supports images, GIFs, videos, and other content.
  • It supports multireddits, allowing users to combine multiple subreddits into a single feed.
  • Hide and save links, and add new posts to your favorite subreddit.
Narwhal for Reddit
Users looking for access to advanced features can sign up for a Narwhal Pro upgrade for just $3.99.

The Bottom Line

Interestingly, third-party apps can help you access many Reddit features that are sometimes inaccessible.

It is recommended to try different third-party Reddit apps before you settle on one.

Let us know in the comment about your favorite third-party Reddit app and why!

Continue reading to discover whether Reddit is Fun is still working and ways to bypass Reddit Private Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Third-Party App Get Access To Reddit?

These third-party tools use the API published by Reddit for developers to access its features.

Therefore, you will get almost everything you find on Reddit in third-party apps.

Why Should I Use A Third-Party Reddit App?

Unlike the one you find on Reddit, these apps provide a more customizable and visually appealing interface.

Some features that may not be available in the official Reddit app, such as advanced filtering options, offline mode, or gesture-based navigation, are available through these apps.

Are Third-Party Reddit Apps Safe To Use?

Generally, yes, but care to check user reviews, ratings, and the developer’s reputation before downloading the app.

Ensure the app is regularly updated to address security vulnerabilities and be cautious when granting permissions.

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