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Unveil The Mystery Of The Relaxation Key In Tarkov

Tarkov is full of easter eggs and secrets and one such secret is unveiled when players find the Relaxation Key.

However, most of the players are not even aware of where to find this key as the information is very vague.

In Tarkov, the Relaxation key is part of the “Developers Secret Part 2” quest which unlocks the door with the Hive painting above on Malevicha Street. Inside, players can find a relaxation room with various loots to collect.

Continue reading this article to learn about the secrets of the Relaxation Key in Escape from Tarkov.

What Is Relaxation Key In Tarkov?

Keys are one of the essential items to solve puzzles or retrieve certain items in Escape from Tarkov.

However, the Relaxation Key serves a different purpose as it is tied to a secret.

In Escape from Tarkov, this key is essential to unlock the secret door with the Hive painting.

Relaxation room will insert automatically in the Gear.
The in-game appearance of the Relaxation Key.

However, the game does not provide any information about the key during the Developer’s Secret quest.

Therefore, players must find this key while raiding or looting it from Scavs jackets.

Additionally, players must complete Part 1 of the developer’s secret quest to unlock this quest.

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Location Of Relaxation Key In Escape From Tarkov

Players can discover the relaxation keys in various spots in the game as they spawn at random.

Hence, they are more likely to find this key in drawers, jackets, cupboards, or Scavsbags.

However, players have discovered specific spots where this key spawns every time during the raid.

This key only spawns in the new area called Streets of Tarkov as the quest revolves around the same area.

Therefore, players must visit this location and stand in front of the white van near the vet clinic to start the search.

Then, players must go inside the house with parking that is opposite the brick house in front of the clinic.

Relaxation Key Location
The exact location of the Relaxation Key in Streets of Tarkov.

Consequently, players must enter the house and find the room on the right which includes a trophy in the cupboard.

Finally, players can find the relax key next to the red box in the same cupboard.

Purpose Of Relaxation Key In Tarkov

The relaxation key has only one purpose in the game, to unlock a specific door.

Specifically, the relax key unlocks the door of the Hive building that is located on Malevicha Street.

Players can find this street the North of Cinema and South of the Sewer extract on the Street of Tarkov.

unlocking the hive door with the relaxation key
Using the Relaxation Key to unlock the Hive door to discover loot.

Then, players must find the hive building that has a purple-neon glow above its entrance.

Upon entering the room, players will discover that this building is a spa-like area designed for relaxation.

Moreover, players can loot many forms of items that are scattered around the building.

The Bottom Line

Some players are still wondering about the purpose of the relaxation key as this item is very new.

However, most have given up as the game does not provide any information about its use.

Therefore, we hope that this article has provided an insight about the key and its uses in the game.

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