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Aberration Event In Remnant 2: A New Challenge For Gamers

In Remnant 2, there is a new event named Aberration Domination with a new currency.

 It is a newly added special event launched on the occasion of Halloween.

The Aberration Event in Remnant 2 is a special Halloween event from October 27 to October 31, 2023. It is a limited-time challenge that adds new enemies and rewards to the game.

This article discusses Aberration events, new items, and corrupted weapons in Remnant 2.

What Is The Aberration Event?

Aberration event also known as Aberration Domination adds some new Aberrations to the Remnant 2.

Similarly, it adds new Mutators and Corrupted Shards as new in-game currency.

This event starts on October 27 and finishes on October 31.

aberration event in remnant 2
You can collect Corrupted Shards by defeating the sinister foes.

In this event, players have to defeat sinister foes and have to collect the exclusive Corrupted Shards.

Then, you can exchange Corrupted Shards to craft a corrupted version of some special weapons.

Read on to learn more about Corrupted Weapons and The Pumpkins in Remnant 2.

How To Get Corrupted Weapons In Remnant 2?

To get corrupted weapons in Remnant 2, you must participate in the Aberration Domination event.

In this event, there are five new corrupted versions of weapons that are already available in the base game and are :

  • Corrupted Aphelion
  • Corrupted Deceit
  • Corrupted Merciless
  • Corrupted Meridian
  • Corrupted Rune Pistol

You can obtain corrupted weapons by trading corrupted shards with Dwell.

These weapons offer unique abilities and enhancements over their standard counterparts, providing players with new tactical options in the game.

Corrupted weapon in Remnant 2
You can trade corrupted weapons from Dwell.

Here are some of the information that you need to know before trading:

  1. You need to bring ten corrupted shards with the original weapon.
  2. You will always get a weapon with the same level. If you trade a level 8 weapon, then you will get a level 8 weapon.
  3. After trading the weapon, dwell will have your original weapon. You can refund it by giving back the corrupted weapon and adding a Simulacrum to the transaction.

Therefore, each weapon comes with an equipped weapon mod not found in the original weapon.

New Aberrations In Remnant 2

The event brings numerous new Aberrations and special enemies into the game that randomly spawn while exploring the world.

There are three explorable worlds with different Aberrations:

1. Yaesha

In Remnant 2, Yaesha is a dense, lush green forest world inhabited by the mysterious Pan.

There are 7 new Aberrations in this world, and the newly added Aberrations are:

  • Plaguebringer
  • Desolate Stalker
  • Voidmaw
  • Squalid Creeper
  • Sorrow Weaver
  • Ruinweaver
  • Goreglut

2. N’Erud

N’Erud is a gigantic construct that can traverse the universe at incomprehensible speeds and was built as a second home for the Drzyr.

There are 12 new Aberrations in this world, and they are:

  • Abyssal Dreadnought
  • Voidmite
  • Befouled Larva
  • Wretched Crawler
  • E.D.V.A
  • S.D. 0C1
  • S.D.R. 17
  • C.E. Theta
  • C.E. Sigma
  • Void Illusion
  • Soulshrieker
  • Severed Husk

3. Losomn

Losomn is a location that is the merged world of both the Dran and Fae worlds and has 11 new Aberrations.

  • Blightspawn
  • Vilethorn Brawler
  • Vilethorn Snapper
  • Grimshot
  • Mournshot
  • Tortured Flame
  • Highborn Stalker
  • Arcanum Diviner
  • Seer of the Veil
  • Maleficient Glimmer
  • Scorchslinger

What Are The New Mutators In Remnant 2?

The new Aberration Domination event in Remnant 2 also brings some new Mutators to excite the builds.

Mutators are a specific type of item with the unique ability to enhance your weapons significantly.

The mutators are categorized into melee and ranged, and the new mutators are:

1. Melee

Melee Mutators can only be equipped on Melee Weapons, which have various effects depending on the Mutator.

Some of the new Melee mutators that are added in Remnant 2 as a part of the Aberration Domination event are:

  • Latency
  • Opportunist
  • Edgelord
  • Shocker
  • Stormbringer

2. Ranged

Ranged Mutators are special effects that can be applied to Ranged Weapons, such as handguns and long guns and enhance the performance of your weapons.

Here is a list of some of the Ranged Mutators are:

  • Bottom Feeder
  • Ingenuity
  • Bottom Heavy
  • Kill Switch
  • Sequenced Shot
  • Spirit Healer
  • Top Heavy

The Bottom Line

The Aberration Event in Remnant 2 is a fun and exciting way to celebrate Halloween.

It allows players to face new and powerful enemies and craft unique and corrupted weapons.

The Aberration Event is only available for a limited time, so players should not miss this opportunity to join the Aberration Domination event.

Continue reading to learn how to obtain Bright Steel Ring and Ring of Grace in Remnant 2.
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