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Explore All Remnant 2 Corrupted Weapons

Remnant 2 has a new update that adds a Halloween event, “Aberration Domination,” which will start on October 27 and end on October 31.

This event challenges players to defeat new enemies called Aberrations and collect Corrupted Shards.

Remnant 2 Halloween event Corrupted Weapons are special weapons players can get by using Corrupted Shards, a crafting material. The five types of Corrupted versions of weapons are Aphelion, Merciless, Meridian, Deceit and Rune Pistol.

Continue reading to learn about the Corrupted Weapons in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Corrupted Weapons: An Overview

Corrupted weapons are special weapons corrupted by an unknown force, giving them enhanced power.

Additionally, they are visually different from their original counterparts, having a dark and twisted appearance.

Players need original weapons to corrupt them, using a Simulacrum to restore them.

This doesn’t create separate weapons and retains the upgrade level when swapping to corrupted.

Similarly, when the weapon mod is active, it corrupts the player with a status effect.

The corrupted status effect reduces the player’s health regeneration and increases the damage taken from enemies.

Types Of Remnant 2 Corrupted Weapons

In Remnant 2, there are five new Halloween event Corrupted Weapons, each with unique abilities and effects.

Here are all five Corrupted weapons:

1. Corrupted Deceit

Corrupted Deceit is a corrupted counterpart of the Deceit, a long gun that is added with the new event of the game i.e. Aberration Domination.

Similarly, this gun has damage of 66, RPS 3 and Magazine 12.

Its ideal range is 26 meters, and the fall-off range is 75 meters. It contains a maximum ammo of 48, and its critical hit chance is 10 %.

Corrupted Deceit is remnant 2 corrupted weapons
Corrupted Deceit is a corrupted weapon in Remnant 2.

Additionally, you can craft the gun by talking to Dwell in Ward 13, a merchant who upgrades your mutator.

Furthermore, this corrupted long gun comes with Windfall, a weapon mod automatically equipped.

Moreover, this weapon can be upgraded upto ten times, and its crafting costs vary according to the upgrade levels.

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2. Corrupted Merciless

Corrupted Merciless is also a corrupted weapon in Remnant 2 and is a new update in a Halloween event called Aberration Domination.

Additionally, it is a long gun that fires a burst of three bullets with a high damage of 90.

The corrupted version has a red glow and a faster fire rate than the original Merciless.

Corrupted Merciless
Corrupted Merciless is a long gun.

Similarly, its ideal range is 25 meters, and the falloff range is 70 meters. It contains a maximum ammo of 36 and has a critical hit chance of 5 %.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a weapon mod called Bloodshot, which provides unlimited reserve ammo and requires a mod power of 1250.

3. Corrupted Rune Pistol

Corrupted Rune Pistol is a handgun that fires runes that explode on impact and deal elemental damage.

The corrupted version has a low tint and a larger explosion radius than the original Rune Pistol.

Corrupted Rune Pistol is remnant 2 corrupted weapons
Corrupted Rune Pistol has high damages.

Additionally, this handgun contains 25 bullets firing at a rate of 6.3 rounds per second, dealing 16 damage.

It also has a weak spot damage bonus of +100% and a 10% critical hit chance.

Moreover, it has a Death Brand mod that increases incoming damage by 10% to enemies within 25 meters.

4. Corrupted Aphelion

Corrupted Aphelion is a long gun that unleashes a shockwave that damages and knocks back enemies.

The corrupted version has a light, dark aura and a more extended shockwave range than the original Aphelion.

Corrupted Aphelion
Corrupted Aphelion has no mutators.

Additionally, the weapon has a Micronova weapon mod, which fires compressed remains of dying stars in five shards.

Moreover, this corrupted version contains no built-in mutators but can be upgraded ten times.

5. Corrupted Meridian

Corrupted Meridian is a handgun that fires a beam of energy that pierces through enemies and can overheat.

Similarly, it has six magazines with a rate of fire of 1.9 rounds per second and deals 90 damage, which is greater than that of the original Meridian.

Moreover, Deadpoint, a mod, is automatically attached to the corrupted Meridian.

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How To Get Corrupted Weapons In Remnant 2?

Players can get Corrupted Weapons once they have Corrupted Shards.

Corrupted Shards is a new in-game currency and crafting materials that are randomly dropped during the Aberration Domination Halloween event.

Similarly, you can trade 10 Corrupted shards and original weapons to Dwell, a merchant.

After completing the trade, you can trade your original weapon again in Dwell.

Moreover, you can get the original version back after returning the corrupted version. You must also include a Simulacrum in the deal.

The Bottom Line

Since Remnant 2 launched its Halloween event recently, there are five corrupted weapons available for players.

Additionally, corrupted weapons are available during Halloween events only in Remnant 2.

Therefore, you have to act fast if you want to get these weapons.

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