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Know Everything About The Pumpkins In Remnant 2

The pumpkins in Remnant 2 are a new addition to the Halloween event update.

Furthermore, multiple pumpkins are hidden, and players can search for them.

The Pumpkins in Remnant 2 have no use, and they are basically decorations that people put up during Halloween. However, alongside the Halloween theme, players also enjoy the new update with new weapons and new enemies to fight in Remnant 2.
This article discusses the pumpkins and their uses in Remnant 2.

What Are The Remnant 2 Pumpkins?

The Pumpkins in Remnant 2 are random objects players can find in Ward 13.

There are multiple pumpkins around this area with varying sizes. Furthermore, some pumpkins seem to be hidden as well.

Moreover, players will also notice that there is one giant pumpkin in the Ward 13 garden.

Thus, this seems to hint towards the Halloween festivities that various players observe near the end of October.

Ward 13 giant pumpkins remnant 2
Players can find a giant pumpkin alongside other pumpkins in Ward 13.

Players can shoot the pumpkins and even see the markings on the pumpkins from their gunshots.

The pumpkin event adds to the recent update that the developers released for Remnant 2.

Thus, this update comes with various new enemies and even various new weapons for the players to obtain and use.

The update also brings various quality-of-life changes that make the game feel and play better.

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Uses Of The Pumpkins In Remnant 2

Currently, there is no use for the pumpkins in Remnant 2.

As mentioned above, the update featured is for quality-of-life changes, new enemies, and weapons.

Thus, the pumpkins do not seem to have any purpose for the players.

This is a shocker for many players because they were expecting a pumpkin-like enemy to defeat at the end of the event.

However, there is no information about the changes or additions to the Halloween event in Remnant 2.

Thus, this is quite disappointing for players with expectations of defeating a boss unique to the Halloween festivities.

But, since the update brought many new enemies and weapons for the players to defeat and collect, players are pretty content with the update.

Additionally, in this update with the pumpkins, players can obtain a new weapon by the name “Corrupted Meridian.”

pumpkin event vendor remnant 2
Players can purchase a corrupted meridian in the pumpkin event.

They can use relic currencies to purchase various corrupted weapons from the vendor in Remnant 2.

Thus, while there are no extra interactions with the pumpkin, players can get potent weapons with significant interactions with enemies.

The Bottom Line

The pumpkins in Remnant 2 do not have any significant interactions.

However, it is a great addition to allow the players to remember the Halloween festivities in the game.

Although players want more from the event, the quality of life updates alongside the pumpkin update is a great way to improve the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the pumpkins in Remnant 2.

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