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Archers Crest In Remnant 2: How To Get It?

Archers Crest in Remnant 2 is a ring that increases projectile speed and decreases weapon charge time.

You can find it in Yaesha Endaira’s End by solving a wind chime puzzle. 

To get Archer’s Crest in Remnant 2, you must find a room with a waterfall hanging down from the ceiling within the Endaira’s End tileset. There, you will find a puzzle involving wind towers that you must solve to unlock the ring.

In this article, we will explore the rings in Remnant 2, the advantages of the Archers Crest ring, and its significance in the game.

What Are Rings In Remnant 2?

Rings have enormous power and significance in the realm of Remnant.

Warriors, sorcerers, and other skilled people wear these magically endowed rings to boost their prowess and accomplish remarkable deeds.

Rings take on an even more significant narrative function in Remnant 2.

Moreover, numerous more rings are introduced in the game, each with unique qualities and effects.

These rings give players various tactical options and playstyles, from enhancing strength and agility to bestowing elemental powers.

Most Rings are spread around different Locations, given as rewards from random events, or sold by Merchants.

Moreover, players can obtain other rings by disposing of particular Bosses.

Furthermore, Rings are accessory items that can reward players in a variety of passive ways and also improve their fighting skills.

The player can now wear up to four rings at once instead of just two in the previous installment.

Different rings are best suited for various situations and have varying abilities.

What Is Archer’s Crest In Remnant 2?

The Archer’s crest in Remnant 2 is a ring that reduces weapon charge time by 25% and speeds up projectiles by 20%.

Players can find it as a static drop-in Yaesha’s Endaira’s End dungeon.

remnant 2 archer's crest
The Archer’s Crest is a mighty ring that can be a great asset to any player.

This ring is particularly potent for Archer builds because it may dramatically enhance damage output.

You can shoot more accurately thanks to the faster projectiles and Fire arrows faster because of the shorter weapon charge time.

Hence, this enables you to deliver more damage in less time, which can be pretty helpful in monster battles.

Other builds that use ranged weapons, such as the Trickster or the Scrapper, can also benefit from wearing the Archer’s Crest.

You may be able to hit your target more consistently thanks to the faster projectiles.

Additionally, you may have a modest tactical advantage thanks to the quicker weapon charges.

You can use the Archer’s Crest in Remnant 2 in the following ways:

  • Use it with weapons that have a high projectile speed. This will maximize the damage increase.
  • Use it with weapons that have a long charge time. This will make them more effective in combat.
  • Use it with weapons that have a high rate of Fire. This will allow you to Fire more shots in less time.

The Archer’s Crest is a priceless item that can increase the amount of ranged damage you deal.

Therefore, we strongly suggest purchasing this ring if you play an archer build or use ranged weapons in other builds.

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How To Get Archers Crest In Remnant 2?

You need to find a room with a waterfall hanging from the ceiling to get the Archer’s Crest.

There is an illusion wall in this room between two torches.

To access the ring, go through the illusion wall and into a hidden chamber.

The Archer’s Crest is a particularly potent ring for Archer builds because it may dramatically enhance damage output.

Moreover, other builds that use ranged weapons can benefit from this ring because it can make it easier for you to hit your target.

The following are the steps to obtain the Archer’s Crest.

  1. First, visit Yaesha’s Endaira’s End dungeon.
  2. Locate the space where a waterfall is hanging from the ceiling.
  3. Look for the illusion wall in the space between the two torches.
  4. Enter the vault through the illusion wall to access the hidden area housing the ring.

However, look closely as seeing the illusion wall is only sometimes simple.

If you are still looking for the secret room in the first room you search for, keep trying because it is sometimes in different spots.

Since the Archer’s Crest is a static drop, its location will never change.

Likewise, this implies that you can locate it even when using co-op mode.

The Bottom Line

The Archer’s Crest is a potent ring that can significantly boost your ranged damage output.

It can be helpful for other builds that use ranged weapons and is a need for any archer build.

Therefore, the Archer’s Crest is a beautiful choice to increase your ranged damage.

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