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How To Use Nimue Dream In Remnant 2? 

Players can obtain Nimue’s dream using the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. 

However, the main reason to obtain Nimue’s dream is the weapon you can craft using a consumable found in her dream. 

Nimue’s Dream in Remnant 2 is consumable, allowing players to teleport to a distant island. However, the area does not contain any enemies. But it does contain an item that allows players to craft the Crescent Moon Bow. 
In this article, we will discuss how to obtain Nimue’s dream and use it.

Who Is Nimue In Remnant 2? 

Nimue is an NPC that players will encounter in Nimue’s Retreat in the Fae area. Furthermore, she is the Goddess of the Fae. 

Additionally, Nimue will also act as a Merchant to the players. Players can purchase various such as amulets, relics, rings, consumables, etc.

Nimue the goddess of fae
Nimue is the goddess of fae and an NPC in Remnant 2

However, players must pay the price for items with various currencies, such as sigils, runes, ribbons, etc. 

Furthermore, players will also need to interact with Nimue for various parts of the storyline.

The storylines are The One True King storyline and The Asylum storyline.

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What Is Nimue Dream In Remnant 2? 

Nimue’s Dream is a consumable item that players can obtain. However, players will need an item to obtain Nimue’s Dream. 

Players must obtain the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. The players can obtain it from the Tormented Asylum. 

However, the item is a reward for completing a series of quests. 

Players must equip the Dreamcatcher and head to Nimue’s Retreat. Here, they must hit Nimue with the Dreamcatcher when she is sleeping. 

Crouch and attack sleeping Nimue
Crouch and attack sleeping Nimue with the dreamcatcher to obtain Nimue’s Dream consumable

This process will allow the players to obtain Nimue’s Dream. 

You obtain the Nimue's dream consumable
After attacking with the Dreamcatcher, you will obtain Nimue’s dream as a consumable in Remnant 2.
Note: Players must crouch and slowly go up to the sleeping Nimue. After they get close, a prompt will pop up. Once the prompt pops up, the players will be able to attack Nimue and obtain the consumable.

How To Use Nimue Dream In Remnant 2? 

After the players can obtain Nimue’s Dream, players must quick slot it and then use it from the Hotbar.

Consume nimue's dream from hotbar
Consume Nimue’s dream from the Hotbar in Remnant 2

These are the only steps the players must follow to activate Nimue’s Dream.  

However, after you activate Nimue’s Dream, it will teleport the player to an island surrounded by water on all sides. 

Here, players must walk around and go toward the island’s edge. After the player reaches the edge, they will find a glowing turquoise stone (Anamy’s Echo). 

Players must take this to McCabe. Then she will craft the Crescent Moon Bow for the players. 

Players will obtain the crescent moon from mccabe
The players will obtain the Crescent Moon from McCabe after providing her with Anmy’s Echo.
Note: If the players are in the middle of completing the “Take me to the Nightweaver’s hunting ground” part of the story, they should not activate the consumable. If they activate the consumable, it will disappear, and nothing will happen. 

The Bottom Line 

Nimue’s Dream is a part of the Remnant 2 storyline that shows the depth of every character’s story. 

Furthermore, it allows players to understand the NPCs better and get an item from them. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in obtaining and using Nimue’s dream to obtain the Crescent Moon Bow. 

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