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How To Beat Survive In MK1 Season 2?

There is a stage called Survive in the MK1 Invasion Klue Season 2.

Players are keen to know how to complete this stage due to its difficulty.

To complete the Survive stage in MK1 Season 2, strategically choose characters with robust health or zoning abilities like Cage, adopt a survival-focused approach, and utilize Sindel’s flight or ranged attacks to engage enemies from a distance.

In this article, we will discuss how to complete the Survive stage in MK1 Season 2.

What is the surviving stage in MK1 Season 2?

MK1 season 2 has various exciting missions in the Blood Moon (Fire Temple).

The Survive missions are also a part of the Season 2 Blood Moon(Fire Temple) missions.

There are two Survivor stages in MK1 season 2: Survivor #1 and Survivor #2.

In the survive #1 stage, your objective is to destroy ten demons before the timer runs out.

Likewise, in the Survive #2 stage, you must survive fireballs by jumping above them.

enter survive mk1
Start the Survive mission by Clicking on Enter.

You will encounter Survive #1 after the It Hurts mission and Survive #2 after the Li Mei Down.

However, to complete this stage in the game, you need to apply various tactics.

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How To Complete Survive Stage?

You will encounter ten demons (moving creatures) one by one in the first Survive stage.

Likewise, you will encounter fireballs in the Survive #2 stage, and your objective is to survive from them.

The most common tactics players have found to complete these stages are:

  1. Character Selection: Choose a character with a lot of health or higher fire resistance.
  2. Survival Approach: Surviving is the primary objective, and you must kill the enemies while surviving.
  3. Sindel’s Flight: Some players recommend using Sindel and taking advantage of her flying ability to navigate and avoid threats.
  4. Ranged Attacks: Another tip is that using characters with ranged attacks is crucial. It allows you to engage from a distance, making dealing with enemies easier.
  5. Use Special Character Moves: Some players succeeded in using specific character moves, like Liu Kang and shooting fireballs.
survive mk1 mission
Survive from the fireballs in MK1 Survive #2.

Alternative Tips To Complete Survive Stage

Follow some of these tips to complete the Survive Stage in the first attempt.

  • Use Omni Man
  • Evade Monsters
  • Make the demons walk into lit-up glyphs to explode

You can also use special moves like Mileena’s knife throw, Liu Kang’s fireballs, and Kenshi’s blended fatality.

Moreover, completing this stage helps you gain special rewards, including 36 gold and 70 silver coins depending on performance.

Every mission in the Blood Moon helps you gain rewards once you complete the entire series.

The Bottom Line

In the MK1 Invasion Klue Season 2 game, the Survive stage comprises Survive #1 and Survive #2.

To succeed in these stages, choose characters with robust health or zoning abilities like Cage and adopt a survival-focused approach.

Successful completion not only unlocks rewards, including 36 gold coins and 70 silver .coins

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to complete both the Survive stages.

Happy Gaming!

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