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What Is The Black Hole In Remnant 2?

The Black hole in Remnant 2 reminds the players that their decisions can affect the game world in various ways. 

However, such decisions can also allow the players to change the game world in their own vision. 

The Black Hole in Remnant 2 destroys the N’Erud zone. However, the black hole destroying the zone is a decision that players can actively take. Furthermore, players cannot return to the N’Erud zone after deciding to destroy it. However, they can experience the zone again in a new playthrough. 
In this article, we will discuss what the black hole in Remnant 2 is; 

What Is Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is a souls-like game from Gunfire Games. Furthermore, the game shares its core mechanics with similar souls-like games such as Dark Souls and Elden Ring. 

The game debuted on the 25th of July, 2023. Furthermore, the game is garnering a great amount of good reviews from various players. 

The game allows players to choose from a selection of classes with distinct playstyles.

Furthermore, each class is able to enhance the playstyle of other classes. 

However, each class is also able to tackle the world of Remnant on their own. 

What Is The Black Hole In Remnant 2? 

The black hole is part of an event that occurs in the game Furthermore, the event occurs only after the players complete a set of quests. 

Additionally, this event will destroy the entire N’Erud zone.

Thus, players cannot access the zone for their playthrough after this event. 

However, players can access the area after they restart the game with a fresh new character. 

Steps to interact with the black hole in Remnant 2: 

  • First, players must defeat Sha’Hala. The boss fight has two different phases that the players must defeat. 
  • In the first phase, players must focus on dishing out damage to the boss’s orb or its weak spot. However, players must focus on being on the defense until they find an opening against the boss. 
    Defeat Sha'hala in Remnant 2
    Defeat Sha’hala after facing its two phases in Remnant 2
  • After the players defeat Sha’Hala, they will receive an Eidolon shard and an Index Segment. 
  • Then, players must head back to the Custodian to receive additional rewards for defeating Sha’Hala. 
    The Custodian will give you a reward
    Interact with the Custodian to obtain the reward for defeating Sha’hala in Remnant 2
  • Then, the Custodian will do what it must to drive N’Erud into the black hole. 
    The Blackhole will destroy N'Erud
    The Black hole will destroy N’Erud in Remnant 2
  • Finally, players must visit Alepsis-Taura to obtain the Void Heart relic. 

The interaction with the Black hole in Remnant 2 is a part of the Travel to Alepsis-Taura Storyline.

Thus, players must interact with the quest before interacting with the Black hole. 

Note: After the completion of this questline, the Custodian will destroy the N’Erud zone. Thus, players should explore the zone completely before they progress through the Alepsis-Taura Storyline.

The Bottom Line

Zone destruction is something that developers do not implement in the game.

However, In Remnant 2, your decision to defeat the Sha’Hala will basically delete the zone from the game for your playthrough. 

Furthermore, this shows the players that their decisions can significantly impact the world of Remnant 2. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding what the black hole is in Remnant 2. 

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