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What Is The Best Build For Challenger In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is a soul-like game that allows players to play with various classes. 

One of the classes players can play is the Challenger class, a tanky archetype that excels in close combat warfare. 

The Challenger class allows players to build into a tanky, melee damage dealer. Furthermore, the players can combine the Challenger class with other classes to make a build that can improve upon the shortcomings of the Challenger class.

In this article, we will explore the Challenger class and a build for the class in Remnant 2.

What Is Challenger In Remnant 2?

Challenger is an archetype in Remnant 2 which is akin to a class in the game. 

Furthermore, players consider it an advancement of the Scrapper archetype from Remnant from the Ashes. 

The class specializes in close combat, and players need not worry about accuracy stat. 

The challenger archetype of remnant 2
The Challenger Archetype of Remnant 2

However, the main reason to go for the Challenger archetype is its ability to survive through some of the most gruesome boss attacks in the game. 

What Are The Traits Of Challenger In Remnant 2? 

The Challenger archetype is able to equip a prime perk, various archetype perks, an archetype trait and multiple skills.

These skills allow the Challenger to become one of the strongest melee combatants in the game. 

Here is a list of all the skills and traits of the Challenger in Remnant 2; 

1. Prime Perk- Die Hard

After the player chooses the Challenger as their primary class, they will automatically unlock the Die Hard as their prime perk.

The perk allows the Challenger to become invulnerable for 2 seconds and regenerate 50% of their health when they receive fatal damage.

Players can upgrade this perk twice, once in level 5 and the last time in level 10.

At level 5, the skill allows players to become invulnerable for 2.5 seconds and regenerate 75% of their health.

Lastly, at level 10, the skill allows players to become invulnerable for 3 seconds and regenerate 100% of their health.

This perk can activate once every 10 minutes and resets at Wordstone or on Death

Die hard perk for Challenger
The Diehard prime perk for the Challenger in Remnant 2.

2. Archetype Trait- Strong Back

The players obtain the Strong back archetype trait when they take the Challenger class. The trait allows players to equip heavier gear. 

The primary reason to get Challenger is also because of this trait since it allows players to equip heavy armor pieces that make them naturally tanky.

Strong back decrease encumbrance in Remnant 2
The strong back archetype trait of the Challenger decreases encumbrance for the player in Remnant 2.

3. Skills

The players can obtain three skills from the Challenger. The first skill is Warstomp, this skill allows the players to stomp the ground and create tremors.

Warstomp creates tremors and staggers
Warstomp creates tremors that stagger the enemies.

The second skill is Juggernaut, which allows the players to gain increased Movement speed and Melee damage for a brief period.

Juggernaut increases movement, melee speed and damage
Juggernaut increases movement and melee speed, and melee damage.

The third skill is Rampage, which allows the players to gain increased Fire rate, Reload speed and Movement speed for a brief period.

Rampage increases reload, movement speed and fire rate
Ramage increases Fire rate, reload speed and movement speed

What Is The Best Build For Challenger In Remnant 2?

One of the best builds for Challengers in Remnant 2 is combining the Archetype with the Engineer archetype as their second class.

This allows the Challenger class to be great at both close quarters and long range.

Furthermore, the Engineer archetype allows the players to use various turrets.

This alone makes the Engineer archetype a great combination with the Challenger.

Since the Challenger lacks long-range attacks, the Engineer archetype allows the Challenger to gain that perk.

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The Bottom Line

Classes in Remnant 2 allow players to customize their character in their own way. Thus, every player is able to experience the game in their own way.

Furthermore, Class combinations can bring forward some of the best builds in any game.

However, since Remnant 2 is still new, a lot of combinations are still unknown.

Hopefully, this article can act as a guide to creating a starting blueprint for your playthrough of Remnant 2.

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