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How To Kill Corruptor Alt In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, Corruptor serves as a Boss that controls the Thaen Guardian, a robotic golem with sword arms.

To defeat this formidable foe, you will need to use your skills, weapons, and mods wisely and avoid its devastating beam attack and the Guardian’s sword arms.

There is a different, more complex boss technique for the Corruptor boss. By avoiding it or inflicting as minor damage as possible on the Old Guardian, you must concentrate on the Corruptor boss to defeat this alt.

In this article, you will learn everything about the Corruptor boss, including how to kill Corruptor alternatively in Remnant 2.

What Is Corruptor In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, a boss called The Corruptor must be defeated in the Yaesha universe.

The Thaen Guardian, a golem-like monster that ordinarily serves as the Pan’s Guardian, has been corrupted by a Root entity.

Moreover, the fight against the Corruptor consists of two phases, the first of which is against the Thaen Guardian and the second against the Corruptor itself.

The Corruptor is a challenging boss, but you can defeat it by concentrating on its head and underside, which are its weak points.

Additionally, as its attacks have a high damage potential, it is crucial to avoid them.

If you successfully take down the Corruptor, you will receive the Hollow Heart, a potent legendary weapon.

Features Of Corruptor In Remnant 2

The fight between The Corruptor and Yaesha’s world boss takes place in an airborne arena with three platforms.

You will die if you fall between the platforms.

The primary health bar belongs to The Corruptor, so you must destroy it.

You can either focus on the Guardian it summons or him.

Following are some characteristics of the Corruptor boss in Remnant 2:

  • Armored: The Corruptor is strongly armored, rendering it immune to most wounds. However, its weak points are its head and bottom.
  • Assaults from a distance: The Corruptor is capable of using a variety of ranged assaults, including a ballista-like projectile, a Root pod that spawns add, and a massive AoE attack that damages all nearby players.
  • Melee attacks: Attacks made with the Corruptor’s claws and tail are classified as melee attacks. It’s crucial to avoid these strikes because they might be pretty robust.
  • Thaen Guardian: The Corruptor often revives the Thaen Guardian, a golem-like monster often serving as the Old Guardian. This can be annoying because it forces you to fight two foes simultaneously.
  • Spawn: The Corruptor will also create additional enemies throughout the battle. These ads are simple to remove but could become distracting if you’re not careful.

How To Kill Corruptor Alt In Remnant 2?

The fight against the Corruptor ALT boss in Remnant 2 is more complex than the Corruptor boss fights in general.

It would be best if you did not kill the Old Guardian during the fight to unlock the ALT kill.

Although the Corruptor is a formidable boss, players can kill it alternatively without sacrificing the Old Guardian.

Kill Corruptor Alternatively In Remnant 2
To kill the Corruptor alternatively, you need to avoid the Old Guardian and Focus on the boss.

Here are a few pieces of advice to battle against the Corruptor.

  • Utilize weapons and upgrades that do a lot of damage to enemies with armor.
  • Pay attention to the head and underside of the Corruptor, which are its weak points.
  • Be patient and avoid attacking out of malice.
  • When playing together, assign one player to concentrate on the Corruptor while the other concentrates on the Old Guardian.

Here are a few more tips for the battle against the Corruptor ALT boss.

  • The Corruptor will occasionally revive the Pan Guardian. Focus your strikes on the Pan Guardian if you see it standing up to stop it from being revived.
  • The Corruptor will launch a massive AoE assault that harms any player. When it is employed, make sure to avoid this assault.
  • During the battle, the Corruptor will also generate ads. These ads are simple to remove but could become distracting if you’re not careful.
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Rewards After Killing A Corruptor Boss

There are two types of reward for you whether you kill a Corruptor boss alternatively or regularly:

  • You will receive the Hollow Heart as payment for killing the Corrupter without taking out the Guardian. It is helpful to make Stonebreaker.
  • You will receive the Twisted Lazurite if you kill the Corrupter when the Guardian is down. You may make the Twisted Arbalest using it.

The Bottom Line

The battle against the Corruptor boss in an alternative way is strenuous but worthwhile.

You will receive the critical Hollow Heart weapon if you can destroy the Corruptor without killing the Old Guardian.

It is worth the effort to get this weapon because it is a fantastic addition to any armory.

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