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How To Get Reprised Undying Weapons?

Getting Reprised Undying Weapons are adamant in Season of the Wish.

However, if players progress carefully, they can get their hands on the weapons of Seasin of the Undying.

To get the Reprised Undying Weapons in Season of the Wish in Density 2, players must collect engrams and craft from Riven or extract the random drops or loots.

Continue reading to explore Reprised Undying Weapons, the process of obtaining them, and their usage.

Reprised Undying Weapons In Destiny 2

Reprised Undying Weapons are the lists of Season of the Wish weapons present in Season of the Undying.

The Undying Weapons can be bought from the legendary Engram in the Season 23 of Destiny 2.

reprised undying weapons
Use the legendary Engram to get the reprised undying weapon.

Various reprised weapons are available in the current Season; however, extracting them is pretty tricky.

Players can get Kinetic Weapons, power weapons, and energy weapons.

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Destiny 2 Undying Weapons In Season Of The Wish

Here are the few Reprised Undying weapons players can find while progressing the rank in Season 23;

1. Imperative

The imperative is a kinetic High Impact Flame Scout Rifle with a minimal firing speed of 150 rpm.

However, the legendary Scout produces critical damage with just a single shot.

Players who use the gun with less movement, scoping, and maintaining distance can easily slay the enemies.

2. Subjunctive

Subjintcive is an arc lightweight frame. Legendary submachine gun from the Season of the Undying in season 23.

The energy gun has a Rate of Fire of 900, which can be unmatchable during close-range or long battles.

Moreover, the legendary weapon can produce more than 900 rounds per minute but fails to deliver recoil stability and impact.

3. Adhortative

Authoritative is another energy weapon reprised in the Season of the Wish.

The adaptive frame pulse rifle has a rpm of 390 before adding any perk.

If players get the support of 37 rifle magazines, they can easily beat enemies, thanks to its higher range and relatively less recoil.

4. Optative

Optative is a legendary hand cannon with 190 Rate of Fire, which is considerable for Void precision cannons.

However, it can destroy a total force of enemies thanks to its higher impact, aim assistance, and range.

How To Get Reprised Undying Weapons?

Follow the given steps to receive different reprised undying weapons in Season of the Wish;

1. Target The Engram

The best way to get the Reprised Undying Weapons is by focusing on Wish Engrams.

However, players need to complete the seasonal bonus; however, they need to be in the collection.

Even if players have all six-season weapons and have a Wishful Weapon focussing season bonus, they can’t obtain the gun.

If players want to try getting the Undying weapons, they should visit Spirit of Raven and select Wish Engram Decoding.

riven wish engram decoding
Choose Wish engram decoding while speaking to Riven.

Players can use the two engrams to get a random Undying Weapon or four for the preferred weapon.

2. Random Drops 

Another way to get any reprised weapons is through random drops.

For that, players must complete seasonal events and missions, explore dungeons, and perform strikes and raids.

Moreover, players should play in Riven’s Lair and open chests of Caught in the Coil to have higher chances of the weapons.

If players are lucky enough, they will get reprised undying weapons in the early stages or ranks.

Otherwise, players must complete lots of activities or have Queensfoil Censer Artifact.

The Bottom Line

Obtaining the reprised Undying weapon is much more demanding than other Seasons of the Wish weapons.

Players who have six undying or wish weapons can even unlock the Wishful Weapon Focusing.

The undying weapons can later be helpful to defeat Vex and unlock a getaway to Solocrafting.

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