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Remnant 2: Sha’Hala Alt Defeat Method

Sha’Hala is the final boss encountered in the world of N’erud in Remnant 2.

It appears as a large apparition with multiple eyes on its head and primarily attacks with ranged projectiles.

The boss fight can be relatively manageable if you exploit Sha’Hala’s weakness effectively.

An alt method to kill Sha’Hala in Remnant 2 is to use the Override Pin obtained from Ward Prime and shoot it at the boss during the encounter.

In this article, we will introduce Shahala in Remnant 2, discover how to kill it and explore the alternative methods to defeat it.  

Introduction To Sha’Hala In Remnant 2

Sha’Hala is one of the largest bosses in Remnant 2, encountered in the world of N’Erud.

Its main weak spot is the giant orb it uses to launch most of its attacks.

Further, the boss fight involves two distinct phases, each with various attacking scenarios.

Players need to focus on shooting the glowing core when it’s vulnerable and dodge a variety of ranged projectiles, including lasers and frozen projectiles.

Moreover, mastering the attack patterns and utilizing the right weapon mods and character class can lead to victory against Sha’Hala.

How To Alt Kill Sha’Hala In Remnant 2?

To kill Sha’hala in Remnant 2, follow these steps:

  1. Watch out for the purple lasers and orbs and swiftly dodge to avoid taking damage.
  2. When Sha’hala attempts to grab you from the ground, quickly move out of its reach to stay safe.
  3. Focus your attacks on the glowing core held by Sha’hala to deal maximum damage.
  4. Consider using the Energy Wall weapon mod to block incoming attacks and enhance your survivability during the fight.
  5. Stay nimble and keep an eye on Sha’hala’s movements to anticipate its attacks and react accordingly.

However, there’s an alternative way to kill it.

To alt kill Sha’Hala in Remnant 2, players first need to obtain the Override Pin from Ward Prime.

Player must obtain override pin to kill sha'hala.
The player must obtain an override pin to kill sha’hala.

Once they have the pin, they must proceed to the Sha’Hala boss fight in the Sentinel’s Keep tower.

During the encounter, Players must locate Sha’Hala’s weak spot, a glowing orb it uses to launch attacks and shoot the Override Pin at it to trigger the alternative ending.

This will allow them to defeat the boss and uncover a unique reward for their victory.

Tricks To Defeat Sha’Hala In Remnant 2

Here are the tricks to defeat Sha’Hala in Remnant 2:

Target the glowing core to defeat Sha'hala.
Target the glowing core to defeat Sha’hala.
  1. Watch out for Hand Beams, Homing Orbs, and Diagonal Lightning in the first attacking mode. Dodge and destroy to avoid damage.
  2. In the second phase, watch for the Black Hole attack, dodge or run away from the exploding orb, then attack while it’s vulnerable.
  3. In the Black Hole attack, run to the opposite end of the balcony while shooting the core, moving along the edge to avoid frozen projectiles.
  4. During the second major attack of the second phase, dodge frozen projectiles and shoot the core while avoiding the gravity effect.
  5. In the final attacking mode, stand away from the core, dodge lasers when needed, and focus on dealing with damage.
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The Bottom Line

Defeating Sha’Hala, the giant-sized Phantom boss in Remnant 2, can be a daunting challenge.

The battle tests your agility and resourcefulness, making it a thrilling encounter for Travelers in the world of N’erud.

By mastering its attack patterns, dodging its projectiles, and focusing on its weak points, players can overcome this formidable phantom boss.

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