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How To Find Strange Chunk Of Amber In BG3?

The Strange Chunk of Amber is one of the items Players can extract in BG3.

Moreover, the item is found in the Blood of Lathander Quest.

The BG3 Strange Chunk of Amber is the Secret Decoy item found in the Rosymorn Monastery. It appear while playing the Blood of Lathander Quest and can be sold for exclusive rewards. 

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What Is Strange Chunk Of Amber?

The Strange Chunk of the Amber is one of the items Players can find in the Blood of Lathander Event.

Moreover, ordinary Amber is nothing else but just a Decoy item.

Players can either avoid the Decoy or Just equip it in the inventory. 

Furthermore, Players can also opt to loot and sell the items to in-game Merchants. 

The item can be found inside the Secret Chamber in the Rosymorn Monastery.

However, they must first complete the Blood Lathander Quest to achieve the Decoy item. 

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What Is Blood Of Lathander?

The Blood of Lathander is one of the Blunt Weapons in the BG3.

In addition, the Lathander is one of the game’s exclusive weapons to extract in the early stages of the best.

Moreover, the weapon can be used once per long rest.

The Players can deploy a hit point, the gun again resets to zero, and they will receive 2 to 12 hit points.

Furthermore, Players can unlock this exclusive item in Level 6, and it has a range of 1.5 m. 

Moreover, the Player’s in-game companions can also get 1 to 6 hit points as well. 

Further, Blood of Lathander’s feature called Lathender’s light can shed light in a 6m of radius and blinds the enemies.

In addition, the weapon best suits players who battle safely and regularly use healing ability.

Moreover, this weapon unlocks a path to find the Strange Chunk of the Amber.

Extracting Strange Chunk Of Amber

For Players who are trying to unlock the Strange Chunk of Amber, be sure to follow the procedures below, 

  1. Visit the Inquisitor Chamber located under the Rosymorn Monastery.
Inquisitor Chamber
Entering the Inquisitor Chamber in the Rosymorn  Monastery.
  1. Enter the Room full of Chunks in the Inquisitor Chamber.
bg3 strange chunk of Amber
Entering the Statue room full of Chunks.
  1. Extract the Strange Chunk of Amber from the floor.
bg3 strange chunk of Amber
Obtaining the Strange Chunk Of Amber.

How To Unlock Blood Of Lathander?

After extracting the Strange Chunk of Chamber, Players can now unlock the Blood of Lathander by following the steps;

  1. Put the Southern Statute to the West and Northern Statue to the East by shooting once.
Amber Chunks .
Placing the statue in the correct position to unlock the door.
  1. Enter inside the Daybreak Gate located downstairs.
Blood of Lathendar
Entering the Locked Daybreak Gate.
  1. Grab the Blood of Lathander after unlocking with Dawnmasters Crest.
Blood of Lathendar
Obtaining the legendary item Blood of Lathendar.

Further, the Blood of Lathander is one of the game’s Legendary Equipment to unlock in the Early game.

Lastly, the Weapon can provide a significant advantage against potent enemies and helps to complete Quests.

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The Bottom Line

The Strange Chunk of Amber is a decoy item that is found in the Inquisitor’s Chamber.

Moreover, Players can extract the item while playing the Blood of Lathendar Gun Quest.

Lastly, Players can loot and sell Chunk of Amber for more rewards and inventory.

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