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How To Use Rusty Medal In Remnant 2?

Rusty Medal is one of the extraordinary items in Remnant 2. 

The Item can help players to enhance the Character’s abilities and increase their inventory level.

Rusty Medal in Remnant 2 is an item that helps to unlock powerful archetypes, including Hunter and Challenger. To earn Rusty Medals, players need to trade Scraps with Barbus.

 Continue reading to learn about the location and usage of the Rusty Metal.

 What Is Rusty Medal?

Rusty Medal is the exclusive reward that helps to unlock the Hunter Archetype.

Hunter is among the best archetypes in the early game, alongside Second archetypes Handler, Challenger and Medic. 

The Hunter boasts other Archetypes thanks to his long-range sniping ability and increased damages in Enemy’s weak spot. 

How To Use Rusty Medal?

Before opting for Hunter Archetype in Remnant 2, Players first need to trade the Rusty Medal.

Rusty Medal should be exchanged with an engram called Sniper War medal. 

The players should approach the in-game NPC(Non-PlayableCharacter) called Brabus in Ward 13 to finalize the trade.

Rusty Medal Remnant 2
Interacting with Brabus in Ward 13 to exchange the inventory.

Rusty Medal is worth 1500 scraps; ensure you have the medal if you opt for the exchange.

Moreover, Players must take 1000 scraps, one Rusty Medal and 10 Lumenite crystals to unlock Hunter.

Another NPC called Wallace will assist users in earning the Archetype. 

After unlocking the Hunter Archetype, Players can also unlock their ideal Archetypes in Remnant 2.

Moreover, you can slot the weaponry in the inventory after unlocking the engram.

Thankfully, the Hunter Archetype will specialize in long-battle combat, Hard-sniping and attacking the Weaker spots in enemies. 

 How To Unlock Rusty Medal In Remnant 2?

As players need a Rusty medal to archive The Hunter or other Archetypes.

Firstly, farming the scrap in Remnant 2 is essential, so we can later trade it with Rusty Medal.

Killing the in-game bosses, Opening various crates, Selling your precious items and playing adventure mode can reward you with scrap. 

If you kill the enemy or boss, they will drop their scrap inventory in the ground. Ensure you gather all of them.

Moreover, while opening Chests, you can get excellent rewards, including weapons and scraps as well. 

Furthermore, Killing enemies is another way to get scrap in Remnant 2.

In addition, the Chests are located around the elite boss’s location or through any part of the map. 

Players can also opt to sell their inventory or Weapons to get Scrap in Medal. The more precious the item, the higher the Scrap. 

You can trade the items with NPC called  Brabus, an arms dealer.

Rusty Medal Remnant 2
Exchanging scraps for Rusty Medal with Brabus.

Finally, Players can even farm a higher number of scrap by completing different in-game events and completing achievements. 

The Bottom Line

The Rusty medal is an incredible item to unlock a powerful Archetype called Hunter.

Moreover, Players must collect 1500 scraps to get Rusty Medal from Barbus.

Furthermore, the gamers must complete achievements faster, defeat bosses and find Chests if they want to obtain Rusty Medal Faster.

Continue exploring to learn how to unlock Corrupted Harbor and The Great Hall.  
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