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How To Use Haste Buff Effectively In Remnant 2?

One of the key mechanics in Remnant 2 is using Haste, a unique ability that allows you to move and attack faster for a limited time.

Haste can be a game-changer in combat but comes with risks and trade-offs.

To use Haste effectively in Remnant 2, you should activate it when you are in a safe position and have enough stamina to unleash a flurry of attacks on your enemies.

In this article, we will explore how to use Haste effectively in Remnant 2, covering topics such as how to get it, its benefits for Archetypes and many more.

What Is Haste And How To Get It?

Haste is a buff that increases the speed of various actions by 7%, such as Fire rate, reload speed, melee attack speed, consumable use speed, aimed move speed etc.

You will see the buff description in the top left corner of the character screen when it is active.

To get Haste in Remnant 2, you must equip a Relic that grants it.

Several Relics can give you Haste, such as:

  • Accelerator: Increases movement speed by 10% and grants Haste 5 seconds after using a Relic.
  • Adrenaline: Grants Haste for 5 seconds after killing an enemy.
  • Berserker: Grants Haste for 10 seconds after performing a perfect dodge.
  • Celerity: Grants Haste for 10 seconds after reloading.
  • Frenzy: Grants Haste for 10 seconds after taking damage.
  • Rush: Grants Haste for 10 seconds after sprinting for 3 seconds

You can find these Relics by exploring the different worlds, completing quests, defeating bosses, or buying them from vendors.

Some of them are only available for specific archetypes or pre-order rewards.

Moreover, you can enhance your artifacts to boost their power and longevity.

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Benefits Of Haste For Different Archetypes

Haste increases your movement speed and reloads speed by 0.5% per point, up to 25%.

It is a useful trait for any archetype, but some may benefit more from it than others.

  • It can help the Hunter reposition quickly, avoid enemy Fire, and reload faster to keep up the pressure.
  • It can help the Gunslinger move between cover, dodge attacks, and reload swiftly to maintain a high Fire rate.
  • It can help the Engineer maneuver around the battlefield, set up turrets strategically, and reload heavy weapons faster.
haste help engineer remnant 2
Haste helps the Engineer around the battlefield in Remnant 2.

Tips And Tricks For Maximizing Haste Duration And Stacking

Follow the tips below to maximize Haste duration and stacking in Remnant 2.

  • You must choose an Archetype that can generate or extend Haste, such as Hunter, Alchemist, or Explorer.
  • Equip weapons and Relics that have Haste as a passive or active effect.
  • You can use skills that can trigger or prolong Haste.
  • Pick up Haste items whenever you see them on the ground or in chests where a yellow icon with a lightning bolt marks them.
  • Additionally, you can combine Haste with other buffs that can enhance your speed or damage.
Note: You can see the buff descriptions in the inventory; however, only when the buff is active.

How To Use Haste Effectively In Remnant 2?

Here are some effective ways to use Haste effectively in Remnant 2.

  1. Choose an Archetype that can benefit from faster actions, such as Challenger or Hunter.
  2. Equip weapons and Relics that have high fire rate, reload speed, or damage output to maximize the effect of Haste.
  3. Use Haste in situations where you need to dispatch enemies, escape danger, or heal yourself quickly.
  4. Combine Haste with other buffs or skills that can enhance your performance, such as Focus, Vigor, or Adrenaline.

Limitations And Drawbacks

Haste is a useful ability in Remnant 2, but it also has some limitations you should be aware of.

Some of the limitations are:

  • It has a cooldown of 60 seconds, which means you can’t use it continuously.
  • It drains your stamina faster.
  • It increases the noise level, which will attract more enemies.
  • It doesn’t work well against some enemies with high resistance, fast attacks and hazardous environment.

The Bottom Line

Haste is a powerful buff that increases your movement and attack speed in Remnant 2.

However, it also requires careful planning and execution and awareness of its drawbacks and limitations.

Hopefully, this article helps you to improve your Haste skills and enjoy the game more.

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