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How To Get Pile Bunker In Armored Core 6?

The Pile Bunker is a kind of weapon in Armored Core 6.

Using this weapon can provide an upper hand in battle against stronger enemies.

Players can get the Pile Bunker in Armored Core 6 from the parts shop. The weapon cost coams 185000 and is a very useful weapon in close-range for explosive damage.

Continue Reading to discover the Pile of Bunker and know all the weapon’s features in Armored Core 6.

What Is Pile Bunker In Armored Core 6?

The Pile Bunker is one of the melee weapons in Armored Core 6.

Many of the melee weapons generate higher penetration at close range.

However, some of them can also deploy pretty good damage in long-range as well.

It is one of the nine melee’s, and its technical term is PB-003M Ashmead.

Pile Bunker armored core 6
Pile Bunker mee weapon in action.

The weapon is designed by Balam, one of the characters in the game.

Players can either be friends or enemies depending upon the player’s preferences in the mission.

Moreover, the weapon operates with a staggering pile of force and can deploy serious damage to enemies.

Pile Bunker Category 

The Pile Bunker belongs to the unit type in the ACs, other category includes frame, inner and expansion.

Moreover, the weapon is one of the Arms units of the unit section.

left arm unit
Equipping Pile Bunker in left arm unit slot.

Players can equip most of the weapons in both left and right-arm units.

Unfortunately, like many other melee weapons, players can only slot it in the left arm.

Equipping melee weapons in the left arm and long-range in the right will help win battles at all ranges.

Players can combine the Pile Bunker with the likes of rifles, machine guns, bazookas and handguns.

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Pile Bunker Specifications

The Pile Bunker is definitely among the most powerful short-range weapons in the Armored Core 6 game. 

It boasts the completion compared to other melee weapons as it completely destroys the enemy’s shields.

Further, the Pile Bunker can deploy an attack power of up to 1688 damage.

In addition, the EN load of PB-003M Ashmead is 225 to generate a higher output ratio in battles.

Moreover, the powerful melee weapon offers a staggering 800 impact and 1800 charged impact.

Further, like every other melee, it only deploys a singular hit, as the singular damage is pretty high.

In contrast, it takes lots of time to deploy another consecutive hit.

Pile Bunker Armored Core 6.
Pile Bunker Specifications in Armored Core 6.

It is outright so difficult to land the first blow from the Pile Bunker due to the Armored Core’s impressive movements.

Moreover, the total weight of the melee is 4180, and the cooling period is 284.

This specification can hammer players in the fight if they have a relatively lower carrying capacity.

Moreover, it has an accumulative 800 impacts and a charged accumulative impact of 140.

The overall specification of the Pile Bunker seems pretty solid, and it can be a significant weapon in tough battles.

Getting Pile Bunker In Armored Core 6 

Like the other Melee weapons, players cannot obtain the Pile Bunker after completing the missions.

Players must buy the Pile Bunker from the garage’s parts shop if they want to add it to the inventory.

The Melee costs coams 185,000, which is pretty reasonable for such powerful weapons.

Players can get thousands of coams after completing the chapter and missions.

However, if players don’t want to spend money on short-range buying, they have other options available.

After completing the mission, they can get other melles, including Laser Lance and Blade.

The Bottom Line 

The Pile Bunker is a weapon that produces higher damage with an additional charge.

The short-range weapon works best when combined with rifles in the right arm.

Moreover, it can be bought for minimal comas compared to other weapons in the game.

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