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How To Solve Lament Jumping Puzzle In Remnant 2?

One of the dungeons you can explore in The Remnant 2 is the Lament, located on the planet Yaesha.

This dungeon has a secret Jumping Puzzle you can access by finding a particular item and a hidden key.

The Jumping Puzzle is not easy, but it rewards you with a unique ring that boosts your speed.

To solve the Jumping Puzzle in Remnant 2, you must collect two keys, one from a mini-boss and the other from a secret chest. Further, you should use them to open the door after the challenge. 

Continue reading to explore what a Lament Jumping Puzzle is and how to get it in Remnant 2.

What Is Lament Jumping Puzzle In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, a Jumping Puzzle is a task that challenges the player to jump across a sequence of levels or obstructions.

In Yaesha, the Lament is a dungeon featuring a Jumping Puzzle that leads to a secret area containing a treasure and a ring.

The ring is known as the Ring of Diversion, and it enhances the likelihood of obtaining uncommon things from foes.

ring of diversion
Jumping Puzzle leads to Ring of diversion

Since an unseen path connects some of the pillars, the leaping challenge in The Lament is not very evident.

The player must examine the runes on the pillars to determine which has a passage to them.

How To Solve Lament Jumping Puzzle In Remnant 2?

The Jumping Puzzle is located in The Lament dungeon on Yaesha, and it rewards you with the Ring of Diversion if you complete it.

To solve the Jumping Puzzle, you need to follow these steps:

1. Obtain Kolket’s Razor

Initially, you need to obtain the Kolket’s Razor item.

For that, you have to face a mini-boss named Wither. He is hiding in a room with two coffins that you can open.

The room is located before the checkpoint. After you defeat Wither, you will get the item.

Kolket's Razor
The first step is to find Kolket’s Razor Item.

2. Inspect Kolket’s Razor

Next, you must inspect the Kolket’s Razor in your inventory and turn it into a key.

Inspect the Kolket’s Razor is the Quest Item.

3. Hidden Gap

You must then return to the checkpoint and stand before the door.

Then, you’ll find a pillar standing at an angle and several pots to the right.

However, if you roll through the pots, you’ll fall through a crack in the floor. Thus, it would be best if you were cautious.

4. Key Location

After that, you must dive into some water and search behind one of the waterfalls for a passage leading to another key.

Further, open the door at the end of the tunnel with this key and take away the treasure within.

kolket's key
 Open the door at the end of the tunnel with Kolket’s key.

5. Final Reward

Finally, to access the Jumping Puzzle area, you must eventually climb up and through the wall hole.

Instead of jumping unthinkingly, you can shoot at unseen platforms to see where you may walk.

Contrarily, when you’ve finished the problem, use the Kolket’s Razor key to open the door and get your prize.

The Bottom Line

The Jumping Puzzle in Remnant 2 is a challenging and rewarding exercise that tests your abilities and patience.

If you solve the puzzle, you will receive the Ring of Diversion, which enhances your movement speed when not in battle.

However, to get to the opposite side of the problem, you must Fire at invisible platforms and leap across them. 

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