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How To Remove Overloaded In Remnant 2? 

The Overloaded is a status effect in Remnant 2 that causes a small explosion or lightning damage between all characters.

Furthermore, the game features various other status effects that can hinder the players.

However, players can remove these status effects.

Overloaded is a status effect that causes an explosion. However, the main threat is it builds up damage as time passes. Thus, it is a ticking time bomb if the player doesn’t remove it. However, removing the effect is a lot easier because the players can buy the solution from a vendor in the game.

This article will explore everything about the Overloaded Status and how to remove it in Remnant 2.

What Is Overloaded In Remnant 2?

Overloaded is a status effect in Remnant 2. Both players and enemies can cause overloaded status on each other.

The status effect occurs when the player or the enemy constantly takes shock damage.

Furthermore, the shock damage will fill the overloaded bar.

Once this bar is full, it will cause a small electrical explosion around the unit.

However, the main danger it poses is that overloaded is like a ticking time bomb.

Thus, if a player is constantly in battle while the status effect ticks away, the player can die the moment it blasts.

Overloaded causes an explosion
The overloaded status effect causes an explosion around the unit in Remnant 2.

Monsters can affect the players with shock if the monsters spawn with electric damage.

Furthermore, players can also cause the overloaded effect through shock.

However, play must use weapons that can cause shock.

One of the items that the players can use is Enigma Handgun.

The gun fires lightning projectiles that can hit multiple targets.

The players can craft the handgun from McCabe, however, they must obtain the Cipher Rod.

Note: Overloaded is one of many status effects players will encounter in the game. Players can be affected by various status effects, however, they can also affect others with the same status effects.

How To Remove Overloaded In Remnant 2?

Worry not if you encounter a monster that shocks you and causes the overloaded status effect. There is a method to remove it.

To remove the overloaded effect, players can use the Ethereal Orb.

This item will remove the effect and increase the players’ shock resistance by 15 points for 10 minutes.

Ethereal orb removes overloaded
Ethereal orb will remove the overloaded status effect when the players use it in Remnant 2.

Players can buy the Ethereal orb from Dr Norah for 100 Scrap.

To remove Overloaded in Remnant 2, follow these steps:

  1. Equip the Ethereal Orb in your inventory. You can find it in the Consumables section of your inventory.
  2. Now, press the corresponding button to use the Ethereal Orb. This will consume one Ethereal Orb and remove the Overloaded status effect from your character.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of increased Shock resistance and reduced damage from lightning attacks for 10 minutes.

Furthermore, players can use a trait called Shadeskin to reduce the damage from various status effects.

Similarly, players can obtain Shadeskin from an event in the Butcher’s Quarter.

However, at the end of the event, the neutral Dran will become hostile towards the players.

Shadeskin increases resistance
Shadeskin increases resistance to elemental status and effect damage in Remnant 2.

Correspondingly, remember it is a trait, therefore, players can level up the trait and have a higher percentage of reduction to the status effects.

Continue reading and explore how to get Skill Cooldown reduction and unlock Feast room in Remnant 2.

The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2, Overloaded is not the only status effect that players must look into.

There are other status effects, some even more deadly than Overloaded.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding Overloaded and ridding yourself of it in Remnant 2.

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