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Remnant 2: How To Exploit Severed Hand Glitch?

Players must still fully uncover many of the game’s enigmatic objects or areas in Remnant 2.

Some objects, such as the Severed Hand in Remnant 2, can make the game more interesting.

However, they can also irritate players by baffling them.

In Remnant 2, the Severed Hand Glitch allows players to get infinite severed hands by shooting the corpse in the cage with certain weapons, such as the Merciless or the Flamethrower.

This article will give details of Severe Hand and how to get it, including the Severed Hand glitch in Remnant 2.

What Is Severed Hand In Remnant 2?

Severed Hand is a quest item that players can acquire in Remnant 2’s The Great Sewers.

remnant 2 severed hand glitch
The severed Hand appears to be normal enough, yet it is extremely tense.

Players will discover a body in a cage dangling from the top in this confusing and soggy part of Losomn.

The purple glow surrounding the Hand resting on the body will tell you when you’ve found it.

In Remnant 2, players must use their weapons to shoot the body to get the Severed Hand.

The Hand will then detach from the body and become available for acquisition through interaction.

The severed Hand works in some quests and puzzles, unlike most.

But simply looking at it, you can still get a reward. This might be the Strong Arm Band or the Ring of the Damned.

Furthermore, a mission involving a caged body can use The Severed Hand.

When the Severed Hand falls off the body after being shot, players can examine it to reveal either the Strong Arm Band or the Ring of the Damned.

How To Get Severed Hand In Remnant 2?

Players must obtain the Severed Hand to uncover secret passages and access potent weapons and equipment in Remnant 2.

The Severed Hand is a crucial start to various processes and advances the game.

You can obtain the severed Hand by finishing The Hand of Vengeance quest, and the Great Sewers world contains this quest.

Moreover, you’ll need to find hanging in a cage to begin the mission. The body is close to a group of Root foes in an open space.

After that, shoot the body once you locate it to cause the Severed Hand to fall. 

Following these procedures will allow you to complete The Hand of Vengeance quest and obtain the Severed Hand.

  1. First, visit the world of the Great Sewers.
  2. Then, find the body in a cage hanging there.
  3. To make the Severed Hand fall, shoot the body.
  4. To get the quest item, examine the Severed Hand.
  5. To finish the quest, carry on.
  6. Finally, you will be given either the Strong Arm Band or the Ring of the Damned as payment.
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Remnant 2: How To Exploit Severed Hand Glitch?

The Severed Hand glitch in Remnant 2 is a glitch that allows players to farm an unlimited quantity of scrap by continuously shooting a body in the Great Sewers or Harvester’s Reach.

When shot, the body will drop a severed Hand from its hanging cage.

After that, by inspecting The Severed Hand, players can obtain a Ring of the Damned, or 250 scraps if the player already possesses one.

Players should keep shooting the body to take advantage of the bug.

The Severed Hand will always fall; the player can examine it to get the ring or scrap.

It is pretty simple to farm scrap and can be done as often as the user desires.

The following instructions explain exploiting the Remnant 2’s severed Hand glitch.

  1. First, head to Harvester’s Reach or the Great Sewers.
  2. Then, find the body in a cage hanging there.
  3. Continue shooting at the corpse.
  4. The Severed Hand will drop all the time.
  5. For a Ring of the Damned, or 250 scraps if you already have one, examine the Severed Hand.
  6. You can iterate steps 3-5 as often as you like.

The Bottom Line

The Remnant 2 Severed Hand glitch is caused by a problem with how the game handles the body hanging in the cage.

The glitch will drop a Severed Hand whenever the players exploit it.

However, this glitch is likely to be patched in a future update, but for now, it is a great way to get a lot of scraps quickly.

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