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Infernal Marble In BG3: Perform Your Choices

The House of Hope is the home of Raphael; she helped you remove the tadpole from your brain at a cost.

But before entering the House of Hope, you must get the Infernal Marble from Helsik.

Infernal Marble in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a red sphere you need to perform the Helsik Ritual. Therefore, you must either loot it or buy it from the Helsik.

Continue reading to learn how to obtain the Infernal Marble in the Baldurs Gate 3.

The Infernal Marble In Bg3

The Infernal Marble in BG3 is a small red sphere that glows with an inner fire, representing Hell’s essence.

Players can use it in the Helsik Ritual as a catalyst to open a portal to the hellish realm of Avernus.

The House of Hope has nine layers in the Nine Hells.

The Avernus is its first layer, and the Archdevil Zariel rules it.

Contrarily, it is a crucial item in Baldur’s Gate 3 that affects the player’s fate and alignment.

The House of Hope is a dungeon that contains enemies, challenges, treasures, and the cambion Raphael.

The Infernal Marble is one of the five items required for the ritual, along with a skull, a coin of Mammon, a diamond, and incense.

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How To Obtain Infernal Marble?

There are two ways to obtain the Infernal Marble in BG3; players can loot or buy it.

1. How To Loot?

The Helsik runs the Devil’s Fee shop near the Bridge Gate in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate.

She sells valuable and rare items on the central chest on the shop’s second floor, including the Infernal Marble.

However, the chest is locked and protected by a magical ward. It prevents anyone from opening it without the proper key.

helsik room for infernal marble bg3
Helsik sells the Infernal Marble.

The key is hidden in a secret compartment behind a painting on the same floor.

Therefore, you need to find the compartment and examine the painting closely.

Further, search for the small switch in the bottom right corner.

When you press the switch, the painting will slide to the side, revealing a small niche with a key inside.

If you take the key and use it to unlock the chest, you can loot the Infernal Marble.

coin of mammon
A coin of mammon is required for the Helsik Ritual.

2. How To Buy?

Helsik owns Devil’s Fee shop and has the Infernal Marble.

She is willing to sell it to players. However, it costs a very high price, 20,000 gold.

The marble is rare and essential for the ritual. Therefore, she tends to charge you 100 gold each time you want to ask her about them.

However, you can persuade her to lower the price or exchange the Infernal Marble for another artifact that she desires.

You need to persuade Helsik to buy the marble.

You can use your charisma, deception, intimidation, or insight skills to convince her to give you a better deal.

You may also have some leverage if you have done some favors for her or have some information that she wants. 

What Happens When You Succeed Persuading Her?

If you succeed in persuading her, she will agree to sell you the Infernal Marble for a lower price, such as 10,000 gold or 5,000 gold.

Alternatively, she may accept another artifact in exchange for the Infernal Marble, such as a Coin of Mammon, a Soul Coin, or a Devil’s Contract.

You need to read the Grimoire.

What Happens When You Fail Persuading Her?

If you fail to persuade her, she may refuse to sell you the Infernal Marble or raise the price even higher.

Further, she may become hostile or suspicious of you and try to sabotage your plans or report you to the authorities.

Therefore, you should be careful and respectful when dealing with her and weigh your options carefully before deciding.

What Happens After Obtaining The Infernal Marble?

After you obtain the Infernal Marble, use it to complete the Helsik Ritual.

Further, to complete the ritual, you need four other items: a skull, a coin of Mammon, a diamond, and incense.

You can get these items from Helsik or find them elsewhere. Moreover, it would be best if you read the grimoire that Helsik gives you.

infernal marble bg3
Grimoire contains the instructions for placing the items on a bloody sigil.

Grimoire contains the instructions for placing the items on a bloody sigil on the second floor of her shop.

Significantly, place the Infernal Marble in the star’s center; it activates the ritual and summons a portal to Avernus.

However, be careful, will face many dangers and challenges before you can reach the House of Hope.

The Bottom Line

Helsik is a worshipper of Mammon and knows how to perform a ritual that opens a portal to Avernus.

Therefore, she can provide information about how to perform the ritual and place the items on a bloody sigil on the second floor of her shop.

Hopefully, the information in this article helps you easily find the Infernal Marble in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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