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How To Obtain The Strange Talisman In Remnant 2?

The Strange Talisman in Remnant 2 is an evolving quest item that players can later equip.

Furthermore, this item is only obtainable after players purchase “The Awakened King” DLC for Remnant 2.

The Strange Talisman is obtainable through the new area in Losomn. Furthermore, the talisman will evolve as players fulfill certain criteria and even provide various buffs to the players.
This article discusses the strange talisman in Remnant 2.

What Is The Strange Talisman In Remnant 2?

Strange Talisman is one of the new quest items that players can obtain.

The item is available only if the players have the new DLC “The Awakened King” for Remnant 2.

Players can get various items in the new DLC and even go up against new bosses.

strange talisman quest item remnant 2
Strange Talisman is a new quest item in Remnant 2.

Furthermore, the game now expands upon the story of the Fae people, thus, players can learn more about them.

Quest items such as the Strange Talisman have a story to them.

Furthermore, the talisman evolves after players fulfill certain criteria in the new DLC.

Thus, this talisman can be a great way for players to interact with the game even more and obtain a reward for their investment.

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Obtaining The Strange Talisman In Remnant 2

Players can obtain the Strange Talisman through the Ethereal Manor Event, an exclusive area to Losomn in Remnant 2.

The event is relatively simple, where players must enter the manor and then head to the upper floor of the manor.

Then, they will meet a dran, and the dran will deliver the talisman to the players by simply sitting beside him.

Furthermore, players must interact with the dran multiple times to obtain the talisman.

After obtaining the talisman, players can simply leave the manor. This will complete the Ethereal Manor event.

However, players must enter the manor once more to evolve the talisman.

Players must choose one of the five entrances during their second entrance to evolve it into the “Bloody Talisman.”

Then, on the third entry, the talisman will evolve into “Death Soaked Idol.”

Strange talisman evolution remnant 2
Strange Talisman will evolve into the Death Soaked Idol in Remnant 2.

After the talisman changes into the “Death Soaked Idol“,  it will provide players with a buff.

The buff increases all damage by 5% for each entity within 20m suffering from a unique negative status effect.

This buff will last for up to 5 stacks, allowing players to increase their damage by a total of 25%.

Alternatively, if players decide to use Liquid Escape when they are inside the Ethereal manor, it will take them to the Consecrated throne.

This area will reward players with the Crimson Dreamstone instead of the Strange talisman.

The Bottom Line

The new DLC brings various items and changes for the players to interact with.

Furthermore, these items are quite beneficial for the players and, at times, can be a great way to boost their abilities.

The fact with the strange talisman is that it evolves into an item that can provide great buffs to the players.

Thus, it is worth obtaining the talisman for the buff it can provide to the players.

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