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Dead By Daylight Lights Out: Explore New Game Mode

Lights Out is a new game modifier that will be available to play soon in Dead by Daylight.

Players are excited to learn more about this game mod and are coming up with various theories.

In Dead by Daylight, the Lights Off is a limited-time game modifier that will be released after the first developer update of the year. Players can access this game mode after January 30th, 2024.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lights Out in Dead by Daylight.

What Is Lights Out In Dead By Daylight?

There are various game modes available in Dead by Daylight offering unique experiences to the players.

Dead by Daylight recently released a Survivor teaser which featured a hint about this Lights Out mode in the game.

Further, it features a flashlight from which players are speculating about the new mode.

Lights out in Dead by Daylight
Hint about the Lights Out Mode in Dead by Daylight using a flashlight.

The Lights Out mode will only be available for a limited time adding new features in the game.

However, there is not much information about this modifier yet officially by the developers.

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When Can You Access Lights Out Mode In Dead By Daylight?

Dead by Daylight’s Lights Out mode is currently still in the Public Test Build (PTB) phase, meaning it’s not part of the official live game yet.

Therefore, there haven’t been any official developer updates on it since its introduction to the PTB in December 2023.

However, players cannot access this mode in the upcoming PTB along with other updates.

According to some sources, to access the Lights Out mode, players have to wait for several months probably till January 30th, 2024.

Further, players have to stay updated to get more information about the new mode and its official release date.

Features Of Lights Out Mode In Dead By Daylight

Based on community discussions and gameplay footage from the PTB, there is some information available about Lights Out mode.

Some of the exclusive features of the Lights Out mode are:

1. No Lights

The map is plunged into complete darkness, with only occasional flashes of light revealing small areas around the Killer and Survivors.

Additionally, survivors must use a flashlight to see and navigate the map.

Further, the killer would be able to see in the dark and have no Red Stain, making it even scarier for survivors.

2. Hatch Update

The Hatch is closed at the start of the Trial, but it can be opened by completing a special objective.

However, there is no information about the objective and players have to wait until the official release.

3. Killers And Survivors Updates

In this mode, Killers rely on sound cues and their Terror Radius to track the Survivors.

Likewise, Survivors can use flashlights and other light sources to temporarily blind the Killer.

lights out mode
Players discussing the new Lights Out mode on the Reddit Platform.

Generators require more skill checks to repair due to the reduced visibility.

Community Feedback On Lights Out Mode

Players have mixed reactions to the Lights Out game mode, with some players enjoying the unique challenge and atmosphere.

Besides, some players find the mode frustrating and unfair due to no lights.

Players are suggesting balance changes, such as adjusting the frequency of the light flashes or modifying the Killer’s abilities in the dark.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Lights Out modifier is all set to bring an exciting addition to the game Dead by Daylight.

It will feature various unique elements but no timeline has been announced for when it will be added to the live game.

Further, it will likely receive tweaks and adjustments based on player feedback before its official release.

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