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Surviving Apocalypse: Remnant 2 Participation Medal

Remnant 2 is a highly anticipated third-person shooter game with co-op gameplay.

A recent update has brought something special for players facing the game’s most authoritarian mode—the Apocalypse difficulty.

It’s a Participation Medal that players are talking about, and it comes with a funny twist involving three orange slices.

The Participation Medal in Remnant 2 is a new update that introduces a humorous twist to the challenging Apocalypse difficulty, offering players a reward accompanied by three orange slices.

In this article, we will discuss the participation medal in Remnant 2.

What Is The Participation Medal In Remnant 2?

In the exciting world of Remnant 2, players now have a special treat called the Participation Medal.

This fun addition is part of an update, and it’s meant for the players taking on the brutal Apocalypse mode.

The Participation Medal is like a reward for playing in this challenging mode and comes with three orange slices.

However, these aren’t just any slices—they can be combined with the medal for an extra boost.

orange slices
The orange slices add a bonus to the participation medal.

Further, the medal boosts your health, stamina, and movement speed and even reduces damage.

Moreover, the participation medal and three orange slices provide the following benefits:

Movement Speed10%
Damage Reduction10%
Orange Slices Restores Health5%

The Participation Medal is a nod from the developers, acknowledging the demanding nature of Apocalypse mode.

Also, it adds a touch of humor to the game while providing a valuable item that may come in handy.

remnant 2 apocalypse
You will get a Participation medal after participating in the Apocalypse difficulty.
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How To Get Participation Medal In Remnant 2?

If you’re willing to get the new participation medal in Remnant 2, here’s a guide:

1. Play Apocalypse Mode And Face World Bossed

To earn the Participation Medal in Remnant 2, you must play in the challenging Apocalypse difficulty mode.

This means going up against some of the most formidable enemies, including the Sunken Witch.

fight world boss remnant 2
You need to face world bosses to get the medal.

2. Automatic Reward With No Exact Number

Once you’ve faced multiple defeats against a world boss, the game automatically rewards you with the Participation Medal in the Losomn.

However, the developers haven’t specified the exact number of deaths required.

Instead, it seems to be a random percentage, adding an element of surprise to the challenge.

Player’s Response To the Participation Medal

Players’ response to the newly introduced Participation Medal has been filled with amusement and appreciation.

Initially, the lead gameplay designer humorously told players to “git gud” when addressing complaints about the Apocalypse difficulty.

However, the addition of a Participation Medal has sparked a positive reaction within the gaming community.

Acknowledging players’ efforts, even in the face of repeated defeats against world bosses, has resonated well.

Likewise, gamers find the playful response from the developers entertaining and a clever way to inject humor into the challenging aspects.

The fact that the medal comes with tangible in-game benefits adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

Moreover, it makes it a well-received and lighthearted addition to the Remnant 2 experience.

participation medal remnant 2
Players have a positive response for the Participation medal.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the recent Remnant 2 update introduces a Participation Medal for players tackling the challenging Apocalypse difficulty.

Additionally, players can aim to obtain this special reward in Losomn by confronting challenging world bosses.

Moreover, this has been a playful addition of humor to the game.

Happy Gaming!

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