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Twisted Lazurite In Remnant 2: How To Get It?

In Remnant 2, Twisted Lazurite is a craft material for players to make another gun.

The fragment of Twisted Lazurite is from a Pan Guardian who was the victim of the Root.

To get Twisted Lazurite, you must go to Yaesha, The Great Bole, and defeat the Corruptor, a boss that spawns randomly in the area. The Corruptor will drop Twisted Lazurite when killed.

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What Is Twisted Lazurite In Remnant 2?

Twisted Lazurite in Remnant 2 is a crafting material.

To gain the crafting element Twisted Lazurite in Remnant 2, you must eliminate the Corruptor boss in the Yaesha world.

Additionally, the Root harmed a Pan Guardian, leaving behind a fragment called Twisted Lazurite.

Twisted Lazurite is tainted by the evil energies that devoured its former host, vibrating eagerly.

remnant 2 twisted Lazurite
In your hand, the twisted Lazurite trembles with hungry intensity.

The following is the additional information on Twisted Lazurite:

  • Looks: A blue crystal called twisted Lazurite has a dark, corrupted core.
  • Location: The Corruptor boss in the Yaesha world drops twisted Lazurite there.
  • Uses: Players can craft The Twisted Arbalest weapon from Twisted Lazurite.
  • Stats: According to the stats, Twisted Lazurite has an elemental damage of 50, an 8-second Fire rate, and a 10-round magazine.
  • Furthermore, players can summon a Guardian Sword via the Twisted Arbalest’s “Guardian’s Mark” mod to attack foes.

Twisted Arbalest – A Weapon Crafted From Twisted Lazurite

In Remnant 2, the Twisted Arbalest is a long gun that fires a bouncing energy disc with a five-target burst capability. With each bounce, the harm gets less and less.

The Twisted Arbalest has a base damage of 50, an 8-fire-per-second Fire rate, and a 10-round magazine.

Additionally, it features a “Guardian’s Mark” mod that enables it to summon a Guardian Sword to attack foes.

It is also possible to use the Twisted Arbalest in various circumstances.

Furthermore, players can employ it to deal with solitary targets and groups of adversaries because it is effective at near and far distances.

Having a blue and black color scheme, the Twisted Arbalest is a long gun. Moreover, long and elegant in design, it has a vast stock.

You can use the following supplies to make the Twisted Arbalest at the Ward 13 forge.

  • Twisted Lazurite (1)
  • Lumenite Crystal (7)
  • Scrap (650)

How To Get Twisted Lazurite In Remnant 2?

Acquiring the Twisted Lazurite in Remnant 2 is a difficult task. However, it is not impossible for a player with meticulous skill.

With a little bit of information on the Yeasha real, players can obtain Twisted Lazurite in the following ways:

1. The Boss Corruptor

The Corruptor is a challenging boss, so be ready for a challenge.

It can be incredibly challenging to dodge because it possesses various ranged and melee strikes.

2. Strategies For Overcoming The Corruptor

You might employ a few tactics to overcome the Corruptor.

One tactic is using a weapon with a high damage output, like a shotgun or rocket launcher.

Another tactic is to remain nearby and make melee assaults against the Corruptor.

3. Other Tips

Here are some other tips for defeating the Corruptor:

  • Make use of your surroundings. The Corruptor moves slowly, you can employ obstructions to deflect its blows.
  • Watch out for the Corruptor’s tentacles. These tentacles can grab you and deal a lot of damage.
  • When the Corruptor starts to glow, it is about to use a powerful attack. So, you must be prepared to dodge or block.

Twisted Lazurite will be yours once you defeat the Corruptor.

The Twisted Arbalest weapon can be created with this component at the Ward 13 forge.

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The Bottom Line

Out of many crafting materials in Remnant 2, Twisted Lazurite is the one players can acquire only by defeating the Corruptor boss in the Yaesha world.

With this potent material, players can craft the powerful weapon known as Twisted Arbalest.

So, if you are a challenge hunter, you can go to the Yeash realm to fight the corrupt boss and get the Twisted Lazurite.

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