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Resupply Allies Not Working Bug In Darktide

The Resupply Allies penance in Darktide is challenging, requiring players to resupply their allies several times.

However, many players have reported that this penance is not working correctly.

There are several potential explanations for why the Resupply Allies are not working. The penance is only a bug, and developers have yet to fix it.

This article discusses the Resupply Allies Penance in Darktide and why it is not working.

What Is Resupply Allies Penance In Darktide?

The Resupply Allies penance is an accolade players can accomplish for additional challenges in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

resupply allies penance
Players can use multiple kinds of penance in the game.

It takes employing Scavenger (Veteran), a passive perk regenerating ammunition for you and nearby teammates.

It can resupply 5000 total ammunition to allies when in battle. 

To resupply 5,000 total ammunition to allies, you must use Scavenger, a passive Veteran perk that regenerates ammo.

Complete this penance to earn the Ragwar Uniform (Helstock Prison), a cosmetic item for the Upper Body slot. 

One of the various options to personalize your gameplay in Darktide is the Resupply Allies penance.

Before beginning a mission, you can activate optional goals called penance.

They make the game more challenging and intricate, providing exclusive cosmetic items and awards.

Also, each of the three penances you can select for a given assignment uniquely affects the gameplay.

However, some penances, for example, can lower your health, boost opponent damage, or restrict your resource usage.

The Resupply Allies aims to promote cooperation and effective resource management among the players.

With the Scavenger (Veteran) perk, you may assist your comrades in reloading their weapons.

Doing this can prevent them from running out of ammunition in life-or-death circumstances.

Also, this entails giving up your perk augmentation.

This might provide additional advantages like more significant damage, health regeneration, or faster reload speed.

However, depending on your preferences and playstyle, you can choose.

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Why Is Darktide Resupply Allies Not Working?

Many players have claimed that they are still unable to accomplish this penance.

darktide resupply allies not working
Darktide players are complaining about this issue on different platforms.

They claim that utilizing the Scavenger (Veteran) perk and restocking their teammates’ ammunition isn’t working either.

Any perk augmentation, including Survivalist and the essential Scavenger perk, appears to be affected by the problem.

This is probably because the Resupply Ally’s penance is bugged and does not work as intended. 

Moreover, this makes it difficult and stressful to carry out the penance.

Possible Tips And Solutions

This problem has no official solution, but some gamers have offered various potential fixes.

One of these is to post a bug report on the Fatshark Forums or a support request.

This will let the developers know about the problem and allow them to start working on a fix.

Another option is to postpone using this penance until it has been repaired or switch to another perk instead of Scavenger (Veteran).

Also, players can restart the game to check the integrity of the game files.

However, none of these approaches is assured to work.

Additionally, players can perform the following activities to improve their chances of completing the Resupply Allies penance:

  • Join a group of players to play. Doing so lets you contact your allies and ensure they know your intentions to resupply them.
  • Observe your surroundings. When resupplying your ally, ensure you are not in a risky location.
  • Try to resupply your ally from cover if at all feasible. This will shield you from hostile fire.
  • Resupply an ally takes a few seconds, so be ready to act fast if required.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, if you cannot progress towards completing the Resupply Allies penance, wait for the developers to fix the bug.

In the meantime, you can focus on completing other penances or working on your character’s progression.

Also, engage in quests, try different weapons and grenades and improve the skill trees.

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