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Remnant 2: Alternate Way To Kill Mother Mind

Remnant 2 offers a default way to defeat Mother Mind, which involves destroying her weak points and avoiding her lasers.

However, some players may find this method too difficult or too boring.

If you are one of them, you may be interested in learning an alternate way to kill Mother Mind in Remnant 2.

An alternate method to kill Mother Mind in Remnant 2 is to locate and destroy the hidden control devices on the stone platforms while dodging her attacks and maintaining high DPS.

In this article, we will introduce the Mother Mind in Remnant 2, discover how to kill it and find alternate ways to defeat it.

Introduction To Mother Mind In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, the Mother Mind is a powerful boss and the progenitor of all Root Flyers in Yaesha.

The encounter occurs in The Nameless Nest, where players face this giant creature in a thrilling battle.

The fight with Mother Mind occurs in an arena comprising several stone platforms on the side of a vast chasm.

In the center, Mother Mind and the Root Flyers levitate, launching relentless attacks against the player. 

The boss’s immense size and ferocity can be overwhelming, making the battle particularly challenging.

Alternate Way To Kill Mother Mind In Remnant 2

The best strategy to kill Mother Mind is to focus fire on her glowing red spots, including the cross-eye, which is her weak point.

However, no alternative methods exist to kill Mother Mind in Remnant 2.

Furthermore, players can only defeat Mother Mind by dealing sustained damage to her cross-shaped weak spot while staying mobile and evading her deadly special move.

Likewise, you can use weapons that deal high damage per shot, such as sniper rifles or hunting rifles, and aim for her eye when she is not attacking.

Moreover, you can use mods that deal elemental damage, such as Hot Shot or Swarm, to increase your damage output.

To kill Mother Mind in Remnant 2, follow these crucial steps:

  1. Roll away from Mother Mind’s attacking arm to dodge the claw strikes effectively.
  2. Focus fire on the orange center of the boss to deal critical damage and weaken her.
Focus your attacks on the center of the mother mind to weaken her.
Focus your attacks on the center of the Mother Mind to weaken her.
  1. Run backward and stick to the cliffs during the spin attack to avoid the spinning claws.
  2. Prevent Mother Mind from using the Corrosive Volley attack by dealing significant damage quickly.
  3. When Mother Mind rears back and stares at the sky, they immediately move to another platform to evade the Ground Pound attack.
  4. Mostly ignore the flying tentacle minions and concentrate on damaging Mother Mind directly.
Attack the mother mind directly
Attack the Mother Mind directly and ignore the flying tentacle minion.
  1. Adapt your approach based on your Archetype, build, weapons, Traits, and Perks to maximize damage and survivability.
  2. Consider using powerful weapon mods like Hotshot to increase damage output during the battle.
  3. Equip healing abilities like Well Spring to stay healthy during the fight without relying heavily on Dragon hearts.

Tricks To Defeat Mother Mind In Remnant 2

Here are some of the tricks to defeat Mother Mind in Remnant 2.

  • Consider equipping gear that enhances your mobility, such as accessories that boost sprint speed or reduce stamina consumption.
  • Keep moving constantly during the battle to avoid Mother Mind’s attacks.
  • Learn the boss’s attack patterns and time your movements accordingly to dodge incoming attacks.
  • Be on the lookout for Mother Mind’s special move that can cause instant death.
  • The battle against Mother Mind can be challenging, so stay patient and persistent.
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The Bottom Line

In the thrilling encounter with Mother Mind, players are faced with a mix of intense combat and intricate mechanics to overcome.

The key to success lies in mastering the art of staying mobile, sprinting, and jumping to evade the boss’s devastating attacks.

Players must be vigilant for Mother Mind’s deadly special move, reacting quickly with graceful movements to evade certain doom.

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