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The Eternal Empress In Remnant 2: Choose Your Reward

In Remnant 2, Eternal Empress is the Pan’s leader, who has a quest where the player can decide to offer her a Thaen Seed.

Depending on how you interact with her, you can get different rewards that will affect your gameplay and story.

To choose your reward from the Eternal Empress, you need to act respectfully and kneel before her after defeating the Corruptor boss. You can also decide whether to open the Ornate Lockbox, which will affect your reward.

In this article, we will explore everything about Eternal Empress with different options when dealing with her.

Who Is The Eternal Empress In Remnant 2?

The Eternal Empress in Remnant 2 is an NPC(Non-Player Character) character, the current ruler of the Pan, a race of humanoid deer-like creatures.

Empress is one of the most important and influential characters in Remnant 2’s story and lore.

She pretends to be immortal by posing as The Assistant, a mysterious figure who guides the player throughout the game.

Furthermore, she can be found at the Red Throne, a location in Yaesha, one of the worlds the player can visit.

eternal impress in remnant 2
Eternal Empress, the current ruler of the Pan in Remnant 2.

Additionally, she gives the player a quest called The Abomination.

In this, players have to find and kill a corrupted Pan warrior in the Widow’s Court dungeon. 

Along the way, the player can find an Ornate Lockbox that contains a Thaen Seed, a rare and powerful relic.

Note: The Empress is voiced by Jennifer Hale, a famous voice actress who has worked on many video games and animated shows.

How To Choose Your Reward From The Eternal Empress?

Depending on what you do with the Ornate Lockbox that you find in the Widow’s Court dungeon, you can get different rewards from her.

Depending on the player’s preferences, the Empress will reward them with different items that affect their gameplay.

For example, if the player gives her the lockbox without opening it, they will receive the Red Doe Sigil. It increases their relic healing effectiveness.

Additionally, if the player opens the lockbox and gives her the Thaen Seed, they will receive the Burden of the Rebel. It increases their damage and stamina consumption.

Also, if the player does not give her anything, they will get the Seal of the Empress. It increases the critical chance and damage.

Note: You can use the Thaen Seed to plant it in Ward 13 and get either an Elder Thaen Fruit or a Celestial Thaen Fruit, which have different effects when you revive.

Tips And Tricks For Dealing With The Eternal Empress

Eternal Empress has different reactions depending on the player’s choices and preferences.

Therefore, dealing with her can be tricky. Here are some tips and tricks for handling her.

  • If you want to gain her favor and make all Pan Warrior friendly, you can gift her the Thaen Seed.
  • If you don’t want to give her the Thaen Seed but still want to please her, you can give her the Ornate Box without opening it.
  • If you don’t want to give her anything, or if you want to keep the Thaen Seed for yourself, you can plant it in the Ward 13 Dirt. It is a patch of soil that can be found in your base.
  • If you want to challenge the Eternal Empress, you can attack her after finishing the quest. Be warned; this will make all Pan Warriors hostile to you for the rest of the game.
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The Bottom Line

Choosing your reward from the Eternal Empress is not an easy task.

You must consider your personal preferences, goals, skills, and loyalty to the Empress. 

The choice is yours whether you want to befriend, betray, or challenge her.

Nevertheless, be careful, as every choice has a price.

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