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Learn About Khuzdul Forge In Return To Moria

There are many forges in Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria, like Great Forge and Khuzdul Forge.

In Return To Moria, these forges are famous for their unique landmarks and puzzles.

Forges usually unlock new crafting recipes in Return To Moria. However, regarding Khuzdul Forge, it cannot be confirmed whether it is a landmark or a craftable.

Continue reading this article to learn about different forges in LOTR Return To Moria.

Khuzdul Forge In Return To Moria

As of now, the Khuzdul Force is a topic of mystery in the LOTR Return to Moria Community.

Players online have raised an issue about its location through various discussion threads.

Reddit Discussion About Khuzdul Forge In Return To Moria
Reddit Discussion about Khuzdul Forge in Return to Moria.

Some players claim this location can be unlocked after igniting The Great Belegost Forge.

However, others believe that it is just a craftable and not a landmark in the game.

It seems that Khazdul Forge features a variety of items, with the Khazad Axe being one of them.

You can see the image below as proof, which further fortifies this evidence.

More Reddit Discussions About the Khazdul Forge
More Reddit Discussions about the Khazdul Forge.
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Great Belegost Forge In Return To Moria

Great Belegost Forge is a location that is unlocked once the drain pipe is fixed.

The drain pipe is very easy to locate as it is surrounded by purple gas.

Once this pipe is fixed, the poison fades away and unlocks the pathway towards Great Belegost Forge.

Fixing Lower Pipe In Return To Moria
Fixing Lower Pipe in Return to Moria.

Here, players must find and fix all forge parts to reignite the cold furnace.

Like before, there are three missing parts which are the crank, the gear, and the missing pipe part.

The crank is located right next to the missing crank part in the machine.

The missing gear is situated on the left side of the area opposite the golden gear.

Finally, the missing pipe part is present on the right side of the map.

But note that getting to the broken pipe requires a wodden platform.

After placing all these parts in their respective sections, the furnace will light up.

However, a hoard of enemies will swarm you when you place the final piece.

Great Forge Of Narvi In Return To Moria

The Great Forge of Narvi is one of the essential landmarks that can be located in The Elven Quarter.

As soon as players approach this forge, they will see lots of missing parts in the forge.

Thus, players must find these parts inside the forge area to use them to fix the forge.

Specifically, there are three missing parts that players need to find to fix the forge.

Firstly, the replacement crank can be found lying next to the stairs.

Crank Device In Great Forge Of Narvi
Crank Device in Great Forge of Narvi.

Secondly, the missing gear can be found in the furthest area of the map.

Carry the gear climb up the stairs, and place it on the gear slot on the wall.

Lastly, the missing pipe is located in the entrance hall of the forge.

However, placing this piece on the pipe requires some platforming, as there are no stairs to reach it.

Players can easily make wodden platforms from the wood scraps to reach the pipe.

Place the missing pipe piece on the pipe to complete this puzzle.

This will light up the furnace of the Great Forge, which will unlock new crafting recipes.

The Bottom Line

The Khuzdul Forge in Return to Moria can be used to unlock various items in the game.

Thus, players need to be wary about the locations of the forges to unlock different items.

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