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Discover All Radiant Catalyst In Lords Of The Fallen

 Lords Of The Fallen offers lots of weapon options for their players, and one of them is Radiant Catalyst.

Catalysts deal magic damage to enemies from a distance without contacting the enemy.

Moreover, players can use these Catalysts for Radiant Builds, one of the strongest in the game.

In Lords Of The Fallen, there are a total of 6 Radiant Catalyst items. They are Abbess Chalice, Agony’s Light, Exacter Scripture, Orian Preacher Catalyst, Radiant Purifier Catalyst, and Wilmarc’s Catalyst.

Continue reading to learn about all of the Radiant Catalysts

Radiant Catalyst Items

Radiant Catalysts deal radiant spell damage from a distance in the game. 

Additionally, they are potent enough to replace the physical weapons in the game as they deal continuous ranged damage.

There are 6 Radiant Catalysts in Lords Of The Fallen with diverse attributes for each.

However, finding them can be difficult as most of these items are area-specific.

Hence, we will discuss all of these items below so that it can help you get them.

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1. Abbess Chalice

Abbess Chalise appears as an antique silver chalice with a holder that can deal projectile damage.

In terms of damage, it has 94 spell power and 5 spell slots.

Abbess Chalice In Lords Of The Fallen
Abbess Chalice In Lords Of The Fallen

However, it is dropped by the Abbess at the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters or The Empyrean.

Also, it is mostly used for the Radiant Paladin build in Lords Of The Fallen.

2. Agony’s Light

Agony’s Light is a tool of self-punishment that also serves as a Radiant catalyst.

It resembles the shape of a skewer with three tongs and is held in the hands.

Agony's Light Radiance Catalyst
Agony’s Light Radiance Catalyst

It has 135 spell power and has 3 spell slots. One will find this item at the drops from Ardent Penitents.

3. Exacter Scripture

Exacter Scripture is a book of Dark Crusader scripture which also serves as a Radiant catalyst.

It has 93 spell power and has 5 spell slots.

Exacter Catalyst In Lords Of The Fallen
Exacter Catalyst In Lords Of The Fallen

Additionally, it gives a variety of spell choices and also deals a decent amount of damage.

However, note that the Exacter Scripture can be only found at the Upper Calrath.

4. Orian Preacher Catalyst

Orian Preacher Catalyst is a pair of bells that serve as a Radiant catalyst.

It has 100 spell power and 3 spell slots.

Orion Preacher Catalyst
Orion Preacher Catalyst

Note that if you pick the Orian Preacher Class, then this item is granted to you for free.

Nevertheless, players can purchase it from Exacter Dunmire at Skyrest Bridge, Stomund, or Captain of the Fideli.

5. Radiant Purifier Catalyst

Radiant Purifier Catalyst is a book of the Church of Orian Radiance scripture serving as a Radiant catalyst.

It has a spell power of 135 and 3 spell slots.

Radiant Purifier Catalyst
Radiant Purifier Catalyst

Players can find this item at the Tower of Penance, near the area of the boss fight Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho.

Moreover, this Radiant Catalyst has the best spell power output out of all the Radiant Catalysts.

6. Wilmarc’s Catalyst

Wilmarc’s Catalyst as the name suggests is a Radiant catalyst that was once carried by the sorcerer Wilmarc.

Also, it has a spell power of 100 and 4 spell slots.

Wilmarc's Catalyst In Lords Of The Fallen
Wilmarc’s Catalyst In Lords Of The Fallen

This item can be located behind the petrified Kukajin at Forsaken Fen.

However, players have to kill or free the petrified Kukagin to get this item.

Stats Table For All The Radiant Catalysts

NameRadiance RequiredBase Magic PowerSpell Slots
Exacter Scripture22945
Exacter Scripture151353
Exacter Scripture25935
Orian Preacher Catalyst121003
Radiant Purifier Catalyst151353
Wilmarc's Catalyst181004

The Bottom Line

The Radiant Catalysts are highly suggested for beginner soulslike players as it deals projectile damage.

However, there are several Radiant Catalysts, and finding the right one can be quite hard.

Therefore, players must have educated knowledge in order to pick the best one that suits them.

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