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Malice Vs. Gloom – Which Is Stronger Monster In Zelda?

Many Zovers claim that they can beat Malice hand quicker than Gloom hand, but others say Gloom is a more formidable enemy than Malice, so what is the truth?

Malice and Gloom are dark, strong, and formidable monsters that appear in the shape of a palm with an eye in the middle, where Malice and Gloom hands will slowly drain the life of their victims, doing more significant damage.

Although they can do different damages, battling them can even cost Link’s life.

Read on to learn how to defeat these hand monsters while analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Malice Vs. Gloom: Which Is The Stronger Monster?

Malice and Gloom are recurring poisonous substances in the Legend of Zelda series, where they are projectile-vomiting of Ganondorf that lurk and destroy the environment.

They produce a particular monster called hands, a palm with an eye in the middle with an ooze-like appearance that grabs the protagonist to drain the life out of it.

Malice, which continued from the earlier Zelda games, is a purple-black tar-like substance found in several locations throughout the Hyrule Kingdom.

Zelda hand monsters
The hand monsters like Malice or Gloom produce five hands that try to grab the protagonist to deplete its health.

They spread Malice and apply Gloom debuff (a stacking debuff that reduces Link’s hearts through exposure).

On the other hand, Gloom Spawn or Gloom Hand is more red-black and comes fast to grab you.

However, they act, appear, and damage similarly in a pack of five hands, making them confusing to separate.

According to Zelda fandom, Gloom is considered more potent and dangerous than Malice, as it significantly damages Link, and you need to destroy all five hands.

It holds pretty accurate, considering that many gamers claim that grappling with Gloom hands will deplete your health quicker.

Nonetheless, they will damage significantly and even kill the Link unless you can simultaneously eliminate them.

How to Defeat Gloom And Malice Hands?

You are not alone in the arrays of TotK who want to defeat Malice and Gloom monsters.

These monsters spawn in Caves, Citadels, Ruins, and even within the walls of Hyrule Castle, spread Malice, and apply Gloom debuff.

Once Malice is defeated, you can claim the coveted treasure of Hylian Shield. On the other hand, beating Gloom hands will help you heal the Deku Tree and get to Korok Forest.

The first step to beating the hand monsters is taking a U-turn and running off.

If you cannot resist fighting these monsters, here are a few essential things to remember.

1. Counter The Darkness

To confront the Hands head-on, it’s crucial to resist the looming Gloom beneath them.

Aim to defeat all five hands simultaneously because picking them off individually will only allow them to respawn.

tunic of death
Equip the Tunic of the Depths armor set to reduce the speed at which your ‘Heart’ depletes.

Prepare nourishing meals using Sundelions (flower materials) to restore cracked hearts and counter the effects of Gloom.

After vanquishing previous hands, utilize the Dark Clump items they drop to cook meals that grant temporary Gloom Resistance.

2. Take The Higher Ground

These goo-monsters cannot climb high; therefore, position yourself on elevated ledges or similar structures.

Alternatively, you can fly to nearby floating platforms using a Zonai device like a rocket.

3. Attack From Afar

When attacking from afar, focus on the eye-like structures on the palms of the hands, as these are more vulnerable.

You can implement bomb flowers fused with arrows to shoot from a distance.

Five to six bombs shot right at the eye should be enough to wipe out all the hands.

bomb flowers
Bomb flowers or long-range weapons are effective against hand monsters

Remember, hand monsters have a fatal weakness. They are weak against elemental damage, for example, elemental fire damage.

Additionally, you can use Chu Chu Jelly to hit all five hands at once to reserve your firepower for later.

4. Shake Off And Shake Fast

If caught by one of the hands, you are less likely to redeem your ‘Heart,’ so try shaking off fast to remove their grapple.

Keep moving faster to shake off and take defensive ground before you begin attacking them.

Staying closer will only allow a hand to grab you again.

5. Prepare For The After-Party

Eliminating all the hands does not guarantee a win against the miniboss.

Once all five hands have been defeated, a Phantom Ganon will emerge.

Dealing with Phantom Ganon is comparatively easier as you can use close-range weapons like a spear or Master Sword to attack Phantom Ganon while shielding yourself.

Remember, if you possess Master Sword, it inflicts additional damage against Ganondorf’s minions, such as Phantom Ganon.

Phantom ganon
Phantom Ganon is one of the primary Ganon villains in the Hyrule Kingdom.

You will be rewarded with a Gloom Sword upon defeating Phantom Ganon.

The Bottom Line

Although escaping the spawning areas will protect you from the hand monsters, you will miss out on earning points and rewards.

Moreover, eliminating the hand monster will grant you access to crucial paths that would otherwise be unavailable.

Overall, defeating hand monstera is essential to advance the storyline and overcome obstacles in TotK.

Continue reading to learn the differences between Master Sword Vs. Biggoron Sword and Fierce Deity Armor Vs. Barbarian in TotK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Find Gloom And Malice Hands?

The hand monsters are rampant in the Hyrule Kingdom, and you would find them spawning around these locations.

  • Hyrule forest
  • Hyrule Castle area
  • Lindor’s Brow Cave
  • Great Deku Tree Chasm
  • Mekar Island
  • Hollow Tree Stumps at Crenel Hills
  • Hyrule Castle Docks
  • Kolomo Garrison Ruins
  • Tree Clump Northeast of Eastern Abbey
  • Mount Lanayru
  • Ordorac Quarry
  • Akkala Citadel Ruins

How To Kill Hand Monsters From A Close Distance?

If you cannot find the high ground to initiate your attack, the best weapon would be to use Brightbloom arrows.

Brightbloom arrows are readily available by infusing the hand with Brightbloom Seed.

These arrows potentially damage the hand while the light produced will keep them at bay.

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