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Find The Pyromancy Vendor In Lords Of The Fallen

The Pyromancy vendor in Lords Of The Fallen is the tortured prisoner.

Before buying her wares in the game, players must first save her.

Players can find the pyromancy vendor as a prisoner in the crypt. The pyromancy vendor can sell players various wares that can boost their Inferno skills and even allow players to obtain new Inferno skills.
This article discusses the pyromancy vendor in Lords Of The Fallen.

Who Is The Pyromancy Vendor In Lords Of The Fallen?

The Pyromancy vendor is one of the NPCs that players can interact with to obtain various inferno skills and an inferno catalyst.

In Lords Of The Fallen, vendors typically allow players to upgrade their weapons to a different one and sell Equipment, Magic and other items.

In the case of the Pyromancy vendor, she sells you the inferno magic spells.

Inferno skills or magic heavily rely on the inferno stat that players can invest into if they want to specialize in it.

The Pyromancy Vendor is the best vendor to interact with if you plan to invest in Inferno magic and take it to the end of the game.

You can also obtain other skills from the Pyromancy Vendor in Lords Of The Fallen.

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How To Free The Pyromancy Vendor In Lords Of The Fallen?

In order to interact with the Pyromancy vendor, you must first save her first.

According to her story, she is locked up in a prison, and the players must go there and save her. 

After saving her, only the players can interact with the vendor to purchase any items or skills from her.

Find Her In Hidden Crypt

Here is a list of steps to save her from prison in Lords Of The Fallen:

  1. First, the players must obtain the Skyrest Bridge Key.
  2. After obtaining the Skyrest bridge key, players can unlock a hidden crypt beneath the bridge.
  3. After entering the crypt, head up a large spiral staircase. Here, you will meet the Tortured Prisoner.
  4. If you try to communicate with her, she will utter some gibberish.
    torture prisoner lords of the fallen
    Interact with the tortured prisoner.
  5. Then, you must find a way to free the tortured prisoner.
  6. The first thing you must do is to switch to the Umbral realm.
  7. Then, head to a ladder off to the side of the causeway.
  8. Here, you will notice an Umbral entity blocking a doorway.
  9. You must first find three hidden corpses around the room to defeat the entity.
  10. You can find the first corpse to the platform’s right with the umbral entity.
    first corpse near umbral entity lords of the fallen
    Soulflay the first corpse near the umbral entity.
  11. Then, you can head to the central part of the crypt, where you will find the second corpse.
    second corpse location lords of the fallen
    Soulflay the second corpse in the central part of the crypt.
  12. Then, head to the side of the causeway. Here you will find a ladder leading to the opposite side.
  13. However, you cannot interact with the corpse from here.
  14. Thus, you must head to the other platform on a higher ground and then interact with the corpse.
    third corpse location lords of the fallen
    Get on a higher platform to soulflay the third corpse.

After interacting with all three corpses, the umbral entity will disappear, and you will see the last corpse.

Soulflay the corpse, and you will obtain the Searing Accusation Spell casting item.

Return To Her

The last step is to return to the prison and interact with her.

After interacting with her, you can give her the searing accusation spell-casting item.

Then, you can rest at your Vestige and return to the prisoner’s cell. However, you will not find her there.

She will relocate herself and will leave the prisoner’s cell empty. You can find the Tortured Prisoner’s Head Cage helmet in the cell.

vendor outside the boss arena
Interact with the pyromancy vendor to purchase items.

You can find her again at the entrance of the Pieta’s boss arena.

After you meet her here, she will offer you various Pyromancy skills and an Inferno catalyst.

Furthermore, if you defeat the Spurned Progeny boss in Calrath, obtain the Giant eyeball for her.

She will return the Searing Accusation spell-casting item.

However, after she returns that item, she will relocate again to the boss arena.

The Bottom Line

The pyromancy vendor before becoming the vendor is the tortured prisoner. Thus, saving her is necessary to gain access to her wares.

Furthermore, she can even help you fight the boss in certain fights.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the Pyromancy Vendor in Lords Of The Fallen.

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