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Pre-order Your Risk Of Rain 2 Acrid Plush

The Risk of Rain 2 players are excited about releasing the new Acrid Plush and want to add it to their collection.

The Acrid Plush is very high in demand and gets sold out quickly.

You can soon preorder your favorite Risk of Rain 2 Acrid Plush from by the end of November 2023. You must keep checking for updates on Hopoo games and RobaRoba to stop missing your chance to preorder before it runs out of stock.

Continue to read more about when and how you can preorder your Risk Of Rain 2 Acrid Plush.

Get Yourself The Acrid Plush Of Risk Of Rain 2

On November 9, 2023, the Risk of Rain recently updated on Twitter about releasing a new Drop.

Excitingly, you can preorder your favorite Acrid Plush as soon as its production begins officially.

Hoppo Games and Youtooz collaborated to create the Acrid Plush from the Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 acrid Plush
The Risk of Rain 2 players are excited about the new Acrid Plush.

Hence, you can own a ten-inch plushie of the Acid Doggo character from Risk of Rain.

The exclusive Acrid Plush is big and sturdy, with thick quills, claws, and genuine chains on its shackles.

Thus, if you are one of the game’s fans, you will find this plushie a lovable companion.

acrid plush and Gup
You can preorder Acrid Plushies and Gup by the end of November 2023.

This time, you can preorder Acrid Plushies and Gup to celebrate the festival of Gup of Risk of Rain 2.

Furthermore, the plush toy brings back memories of fun playing the game with Acrid.

It is a special plushie that connects the game world of Risk of Rain 2 to the real world.

Fans feel a stronger bond with the game and its characters as they can now play with a physical Acrid plush.

Hence, the idea of the Acrid Plush immerses fans in the Risk of Rain 2 universe on a whole new level.

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How To Preorder The Risk Of Rain 2 Acrid Plush?

The Risk of Rain 2 Acrid Plush is more than a stuffed animal.

It symbolizes the deep connection between the Risk of Rain 2 game and its fanbase.

When the Acrid plush gets shipped to your address, you will get a note from Hopoo Games.

Furthermore, you can buy the Acrid Plush for just $29.99 on

If you are excited to get the Acrid Plush, preorder it before it runs out of stock.

  1. Stay updated, and watch out for official announcements from Hopoo Games and RobaRoba for preorders.
  2. Acrid Plushies are very high in demand, so order them on time during the stated preorder window.
  3. Visit or and follow the ordering instructions in the Acrid plush section.
  4. Place Your Order by Adding the Acrid plush to your cart.
  5. Remember to update your address information on support contacts ahead of shipping.
  6. You must also complete the checkout procedure and verify payment.
  7. Later, if they receive your order, you will get a Confirmation Email, so confirm your email.
  8. If they accept your preorder, you will get your order number and info about when you may expect your delivery.
  9. You must stay informed on production progress and shipment dates through emails.
  10. Now, all you have to do is have patience and enjoy the waiting period for your Acrid Plush.

High Demand For The Acrid Plush

Due to the fans’ high demand, Hoppo Games and Youtooz kept the Acrid Plush on sale on the RobaRoba website.

After just a few times of its release, the Acrid Plush started getting massive preorders.

Besides, hundreds of Acrid Plush were dispatched daily due to its incredible demand.

Therefore, many people are disappointed as the stock of the Acrid Plushies has run out.

There was only a limited quantity of Acrid Plush, and they will not make them again.

So, people who bought it earlier while the supplies were still available could get the Acrid Plush.

acrid plush arrives
Due to its incredible demand, hundreds of Acrid Plush are dispatched daily.

However, the good news is that there will be an extra week of preorders for the waiting fans.

The fans can now preorder the Acrid Plush by the end of November 9, 2023, so keep checking for updates.

Hence, Acrid’s fans still have the opportunity to take advantage of this unique Risk of Rain 2 Plushie.

The Bottom Line

If you were sad due to the Acrid plush going out of stock, you can now preorder them by the end of this month.

You can have your favorite Risk of Rain buddy to cuddle and get nostalgic remembering all the in-game moments with it.

Thus, follow these steps to preorder them and immerse yourself in the Risk of Rain 2 universe on a whole new level.

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