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Complete The Hemorrhage Challenge In Risk Of Rain 2

In Risk of Rain 2, players are curious how to stack up Hemorrhage to complete the Sadist challenge.

The sadist challenge is a bit tricky and you will require some techniques to complete it.

In Risk of Rain 2, you must stack up 20 Hemorrhage on a monster and kill it to complete the Sadist challenge.  You must choose Elite bosses as your primary target as they are the only ones that can hold up to 20 Hemorrhage.

Continue reading to find out more about how to complete the Hemorrhage challenge in Risk of Rain 2.

What Is The Sadist Challenge In Risk Of Rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2 introduces a challenging task for players with a new Bandit, the Sadist.

In this challenge, you must kill a monster with 20 stacks of Hemorrhage.

You must choose Elite bosses as your primary target as they are the only ones that can hold up to 20 Hemorrhage.

The Hemorrhage is a unique bleeding effect that can be applied by Bandit’s secondary skill.

However, this challenge is not as easy as it sounds and you have to use several strategies to complete it.

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Kill A Monster With Hemorrhage In Risk Of Rain 2

To begin with, you must be aware that hemorrhage is not a typical bleeding effect.

It is a type of bleeding that comes from a special kind of damage by Bandit’s secondary skill called Serrated Dagger.

Furthermore, the debuff manifests as a broken heart icon on the targeted enemies.

Understanding this distinction is crucial to succeeding in the Sadist challenge.

1. Stack The Hemorrhage

To complete this challenge, you must stack the Hemorrhage on the enemy which is capable of withstanding 20 critical strikes.

You can choose bosses like Alloy Worship Unit as your primary target for the Hemorrhage effect.

However, you must progress through the game’s stages to encounter such formidable enemies.

Therefore, you can employ the Shrines of the Mountain to summon tougher Teleporter bosses.

2. Co-operate With Other Bandits

If you are looking for an additional layer of difficulty, then activate the Artifact of Honor.

Furthermore, this will trigger all the elite bosses to spawn which will automatically increase your health but also heighten challenges.

You can cooperate with other bandits to stack Hemorrhage on a single enemy in Risk of Rain 2.

If you are playing in multiplayer sessions, you can cooperate with other bandits to stack Hemorrhage on a single enemy.

Hence, each bandit must apply at least one stack to contribute to the challenge’s completion.

3. Use Backup Magazine

Various items play a pivotal role in facilitating the completion of the Sadist challenge.

For instance, the Backup Magazine can be a valuable asset in stacking uses of Serrated Dagger.

Black Magazine has various items like Lights Out, Bandit’s special skill, reset all cooldowns, etc.

Hence, if you can coordinate 49 backup magazines, then you can use them with proper resets using Lights Out.

4. Combine Purity With Brainstalks

If you incorporate the Purity item into the loadout, it can significantly reduce the cooldown of Serrated Dagger.

Hence, you can spam the attack more frequently after the Serrated Dagger cools down.

Another way to enhance the ability to stack Hemorrhage is to combine Purity with Brainstalks while utilizing the Artifact of Honor.

5. Use Lens Marker’s Glass

It is very important to throw critical strikes to activate Hemorrhage in Risk of rain 2.

Hence, you can use items like Lens Maker’s glasses or Ocular HUD.

In addition, you must also increase your attack speed using items like Fuel Cells.

Hence, this will speed up the process and prevent the enemy from escaping before reaching the 20-stack threshold.

The Bottom Line

While the Hemorrhage task in the sadist challenge may appear thrilling, you can complete it after understanding the Bandit’s skills.

Hence, you must be careful to select targets and coordinate with fellow bandits in multiplayer to complete the Sadist challenge.

You will also have the chance to unlock the Serrated Shiv after completing this challenge.

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