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How To Complete Blood Ties In Rogue Trader?

The Blood Ties in the Rogue Trader is a companion quest with specific character interactions.

In Rogue Trader, you can win great rewards after completing the Blood Ties.

In Rogue Trader, players can complete Blood Ties by investigating, passing multiple awareness checks, making choices, collecting further evidence, and allowing Abelard to take control.

This article discusses blood ties and how to complete it in Rogue Trader.

What Is Blood Ties In Rogue Trader?

Blood Ties is a companion quest that focuses on the difficulties and objectives of specific partners.

To proceed, the player must make judgments and pass awareness checks while investigating a winery mystery.

The mission may be completed by making the correct allegation and allowing a character named Abelard to take power.

Completing this task and other side quests may be required to complete the game completely.

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How To Complete Blood Ties In Rogue Trader?

Follow these steps to finish the “Blood Ties” quest in Rogue Trader:

1. Begin The Quest

Speak with the mission giver, who will tell you about a mystery winery and its residents.

Therefore, accept the quest to get started on your investigation in Rogue Trader.

2. Investigate The Winery

Pay a visit to the winery and speak with the many personalities that work there.

To obtain knowledge, interact with items and study clues.

Pay attentively to the conversation and collect as much evidence as possible.

3. Pass Multiple Awareness Checks

The quest includes several awareness checks that put your character’s observation abilities to the test.

To improve your chances of passing these checks, devote skill points to awareness.

4. Make Choices

You’ll need to make decisions based on the facts and information you’ve obtained during the journey.

Therefore, choose thoughtfully as your decisions may have long-term implications.

5. Collect Further Evidence

Explore the wineries and the surrounding region for more clues.

Interact with NPCs and perform side tasks that may reveal useful information about the mystery.

blood ties steam
Community discussion on Steam about Blood Ties.

6. Make The Correct Accusation

Once you have gathered sufficient proof, you will be able to accuse one of the characters of being engaged in the mystery.

Thus, analyze the evidence thoroughly and make the appropriate allegation.

7. Allow Abelard To Take Control

After making the accurate charge, allow Abelard to take over the winery.

Therefore, this will unravel the enigma and bring the journey to a close. 

8. Follow Up

Speak with Abelard when he takes over the winery to make any necessary arrangements.

Therefore, this might result in further awards or information in Rogue Trader.

reddit blood ties
Players have discussed Blood Ties on Reddit.

The Bottom Line

Completing the “Blood Ties” quest and other side missions may be required to complete the game completely.

So, be sure to properly explore and research to learn all of the winery’s mysteries.

The rewards for finishing the quest in Rogue Trader will differ based on the game and its characteristics.

Completing tasks in Rogue Trader often awards players with experience points (XP), equipment, companions, and access to new areas.

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